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#HiveChat Calendar for August

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Thanks to @traciyork our amazing host for today's #HiveChat. It was perhaps the most enjoyable one yet! Traci, your GIF game is spot on. From what @jeanlucsr stated, there were about the same amount of #HiveChat hashtags counted from this one as compared to combined hashtags from previous two #HiveChats.

Thanks to everyone who participated and answered the questions! I saw some really good discussions emerge from today's event on Twitter. Also, I saw many brand new faces, which is a good sign that #HiveChat is reaching people who are new to Hive. I'm really excited about the momentum so far and now we have August's #HiveChat calendar to share with you today.


The account names on the #HiveChat poster above are their Twitter handles. Here are their Hive and Twitter accounts so you can follow the hosts:

Aug. 11: Nathan /// Twitter @NathanMars7 /// Hive @nathanmars

Aug. 18: Marike /// Twitter @BreugelMarike /// Hive @artemislives

Aug. 25: Jenn /// Twitter @ThePixiePost /// Hive @pixiepost

Things to do if you're a host:

  1. Come up with 5 questions and submit them to @stellabelle via a DM on Twitter so I can create the graphic question cards.

  2. When doing your first tweet, make sure and use the additional tag, #TweetChat because when I did this on the first one, someone with 50K followers rewtweeted me when I hosted one last week. Social media experts scan this tag for live examples of brands and communities doing TweetChats.

  3. Let the audience know that our #HiveChat has these guidelines:

  • one hour long
  • new question every 10 minutes
  • 5 questions total
  • use #HiveChat tag in all replies

If you would like to host a #HiveChat, join the discord to meet the Hive Marketing community first:

Share the Gif for next week:

Also if you want to help with upcoming campaigns join the discord. We have something big brewing that @roomservice and @peakd have been working hard to create, and will need the entire community on board.

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