A successful inauguration of Hive borehole at Agona Bedomase, Ghana.

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Hurray!!! It's now time for Agona Bedomase to claim ownership of the hive borehole project. This is in reaction to yesterday's announcement post regarding the inaugural ceremony of the hive borehole project in Ghana. The hive ecosystem, under the direction of @mcsamm and @collinz, began borehole building at Agona Bedomase in Ghana's Ashanti region two weeks ago. Since the inception of this project, several updates on the project's progress have been sent to all hivers on the blockchain.

The hive borehole, which began weeks ago, was launched today, June 12th, 2022. I'm writing to share my joy that this has finally come to fruition. Agona Bedomase township has expressed their gratitude and joy for the gift. This is the second hive borehole that has been successfully launched in Ghana. We take great satisfaction in helping to enhance people's lives in Ghana via the hive ecosystem.

In this post, I will provide a brief overview of the complete ceremony that took place today to ensure our amazing success. All of our preparations ensured that this project would be launched and turned over to the Bedomase community. This came when community leaders went to check on the development of the borehole, which had been begun a few weeks before. It was subsequently announced that today will be approved and utilized for the ceremony's debut.



The ceremony of inauguration

At 2:30 p.m. today, members of the Agona Bedomase arrived to convene at the site of the borehole construction. Many of these folks were ecstatic to learn that this would finally happen. They had been looking forward to this activity for many days since it will relieve them of the burden of trekking to far locations in quest of a running river. With the installation of this water system, they were persuaded and delighted to embark on a new life.

We were certain that everything was in order for the ceremony to take place. After some time, the chief of Agona Bedomase, Nana Obeng, arrived with his subjects to assist guarantee that everything went well. It was an honor to see Agona Bedomase's chief at the launch. The ceremony began with a prayer, following which the objective of the meeting was plainly declared for everyone to hear. Following the assemblyman of the town's address, the chief delivered an acceptance speech as part of the celebration. Thanks also to @collinz, who delivered a brief lecture about hive to assist the residents of this town understand the brain behind the project they see today. The chief of Agona Bedomase then cut the ribbons to formally unveil the new borehole provided to the community with the help of several local authorities with a pair of scissors. Below are images of the various scenes that were captured during the launch.






 At the gathering for the launch

hive dividers-02.png




 Agona Bedomase chief cutting ribbon to unveil hive water.

hive dividers-02.png






 Agona Bedomase members drinking hive water

hive dividers-02.png








Once the borehole was formally opened, the committee chairman, along with other town authorities, offered us a vote of appreciation to thank the hive ecosystem for the amazing gift it had given them. This was followed by a series of interviews with the chiefs and other members of the community.

The smiles of all community members who showed out for the launch, as well as those who couldn't, were filled with excitement. The elderly ladies and men praised us on our efforts and for saving them from their journey in search of a running river. With this, we also convey our delight that the Agona Bedomase community has joined the hive ecosystem, and the numerous young people who have arrived are eager to learn more about the blockchain. They are thrilled to be a part of a technology that is dedicated to improving the lives of people all around the world.






I'd want to end this update by stating that, complete details of the inaugural ceremony will be released in the coming days, which will include all of the media platforms that were there to cover the event today. I'd want to express my gratitude to you, @collinz, @anaman, and @awuahbenjamin, for making themselves accessible as hive promoters in Ghana, assisting in spreading the word about hive throughout the globe. A special thanks to you, @guiltyparties, for making this project feasible and fantastic via your direction, advice, and support. And we thank you for your love, @guiltyparties, @taskmaster4450le, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @blocktrades @adetorrent, @daveks, @felixxx @bhattg @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle. Agona Bedomase may now boast of potable water because of your assistance in making this possible.

Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


This is a really nice thing to do for the community and hive is the reason for it, hive is doing wonders!

I would be promoting this post on listnerd

This would be good of you sir. Thanks in helping to promote hive.

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The name of Hive will forever be in the history book of the people of Bedomase. Thanks for making this happen.

And thanks for being part of the winning team.

Another fantastic project brought to completion! Congratulations and job well done!

Wow this is really a great news thanks for sharing. You have shown an example how hive money can be used in real life problems and hive did a great job on that. Thanks to all the users who has supported the project 😊🙏.
Thank you so much for that. God bless and I think you are a good leader though. You should try for that you will surely win. Just a suggestion rest is up to you. I am sure you are more popular in your area after the work you have done this far.
Thanks for the mention means a lot 😊🙏🎉🎆
Have a great day and week.

!giphy thanks


Your daily support has inspired us to this far. Thanks for this always.


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Congratulations, Sam! @mcsamm I am so proud of you and @collinz for directing this project and seeing it to completion. Life-changing, for sure.

Thank you for sharing the joy!

We're grateful to you dear @dswigle

I am always thankful that there are people out there that make it their mission to do good in this world.

God Bless all of you!

Amen. We're inspired by your words dear. Thanks always.

Congratulations, this is a very good thing!

Thanks for appreciating it. Hive has made a great impact. The chief of this town is more than grateful.

Hive is changing live and this is one of the best examples.

You're so right. It's so remarkable.

Wow, this is commendable. I am happy that this project was started and completed successfully. Now, they can have and enjoy a good borehole water.

And we thank all hivers for your support.

This is motivational. Keep up bro. With that hive is gonna make real world difference

We are taking hive to different places.

Wow. Nice work man. This is a revolutionary initiative. This is how hive can be introduced to evry part of world.It will help Hive to grow more faster. Before people could see the symbol of hive in virtual platform. From now people will see it real world also.

Thank you for sharing the initiative.
Have a good day.

It is time to take hive to the world in real situations. This has been the best initiative to boast of the hive blockchain. We are excited to have this done successfully.

I hope other would take a look at your example & do similar projects at their locations. I value these things so much more than buying ads to promote Hive. !PIZZA

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You are right. Making people feel the impact of hive much better in promoting the brand.

Friend! I'm completely goosebumps! What a wonderful project!
I was so excited when I saw it! What a wonderful benefit HIVE has brought to the community.
Water is essential, it's life. And Hive is also life. Here in Brazil we have a lot of people starving. Over 30 million.
I am interested in organizing these events here in Brazil. To educate the population to decentralize their minds.
And you can do something like that. Especially for those who need it the most.
And again congratulations on the project! It's beautiful! It's exciting! It's inspiring!

And thanks always for your words. I am grateful and committed to doing more to change lives with hive.

#Hive for life!!! So stoked about this!!!

Thanks. We are about to do more with hive.

Let's all build a better world together! Great work @mcsamm 😁

That's some crazy cool stuff :D

This is impressive, it fills me with great joy to see this possible, for this is what technology should help us, you have brought joy to these people and have avoided a long walk, congratulations. Many blessings to all of you

Congratulations @mcsamm. You've showed a highly reputable record do far and the hive community will definitely be proud of you. Well done to you and your great team bro.

Your words keep us going. Thanks for this bro.

You're welcome boss

Woow!! This is remarcable! How much committed you are with Hive! It’s truly amazing!! Congratulations for that!

All the pictures are super cute!! You all together clapping, and the look in your eyes, it’s really beautiful!

The people of this village are extremely excited for the donation by hive. Thanks dear

wow, great project by Hive and all those who made this one possible. Thanks to @burlarj and listnerds I am here. Reblogging to get more exposure. All the best.

Thanks dear.

Wow... I have no idea about this, man. Amazing.

This is a great achievement for Hive, kudos to the wonderful team that made this happen.

thanks too.

This is amazing.
It feels really good seeing a hive make a community like this happy.

It's a life changing event to boast of.

I can't agree less. Well done.

Wow, this is a good job well done. Thanks, bro.


Amazing. I just read this now and truly inspiring.
#Hive is doing so many good things for people around the world.


I seriously love the way and manner you guys are touching lives , thank you for the good works