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Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce another initiative to celebrate @TheyCallMeDan's birthday! Dan is turning 36 years old tomorrow (May 14th). Once again, his wife Gabby (@gabbygoldenxo) has reached out to us to celebrate our beloved friend, sponsor, and, honestly, one of the coolest whales and influencers that Hive has.

Last year, we had a Dragon Ball Z theme. This year the theme will be Vikings / Hive Warriors. So bring out your axe and gather 'round. The feast is about to begin!

For this initiative, we have created the HiveWarriors Community.

Type of posts you can do:

This initiative is all about creativity, but these are the type of posts you can do:

  • A drawing of Vikings. The post has to be more than just the drawing. You can use AI art, but be sure to cite the tool that you used and don't try to pass it as an original drawing.

  • A video sending congratulations to Dan. If you do a Viking Cosplay, that will give you extra points.

  • Write a fictional Viking story. AI-generated text is NOT allowed.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-13 at 23.12.05.jpg


  • Post in the HiveWarriors Community.

  • Use the #hivewarriors tag on your post.

  • Minimum of 200 words, 400 for bilingual posts, and at least 90 seconds for videos.

  • Share the step-by-step process and the image reference with the source for drawings.

  • Plagiarism or other types of abuse will be flagged.

  • Optional but encouraged: Share your #Hive post on Twitter or other social media and use #Hive and #HiveWarriors hashtags.

Important: Be careful with the copyrighted material and source the material that doesn't belong to you.

If you make a video, we highly recommend uploading it through

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-13 at 23.13.01.jpg

Posts that follow the rules will be eligible for upvotes. Upvotes are not guaranteed and will be given at the curators' discretion. The curation projects that will be voting are @aliento and @ocd. We invite you to vote for us as witnesses on Hive, you can find a link at the bottom of the post.

This initiative will end on Sunday, May 28th.

More bout the HiveWarriors Community

The idea behind this community is to recognize the courage and braveness of the Hive Community. We have dealt with many obstacles and still have many challenges ahead. This community will only be active in special events and initiatives such as this one.


Rewards will be sent to @null (Burned) 🔥🔥🔥

Discord Servers: Aliento - OCD

Vote for Aliento as Witness - Vote for OCD as Witness

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Feliz Cumpleaños para @TheyCallMeDan


It's well deserved, because for sure "Dan" is one of the strongest supporters of our communities in Aliento and Hivecuba. He "saved" my introduction 🙃 💪.

Happy Birthday @TheyCallMeDan!👏🍰🎁✨ Many blessings to you!

A big happy birthday @TheyCallMeDan! Best wishes, health and happiness to you and your family 😊.

I had to join the initiative to celebrate one of the coolest whales hive have got. We are lucky to have him and I am glad to join in to celebrate him. This is my Viking story to celebrate you, @theycallmedan. Happy Birthday

Felicidades Dan, en tu cumpleaños numero 36. Dia de bendiciones para ti @aliento @TheyCallMeDan

Happy birthday Dan! 🎉🥳 untitled.gif

Feliz cumpleaños @TheyCallMeDan happy birthday for You.

Happy birthday @theycallmedan.

Happy birthday @theycallmedan!

Happy birthday to @TheyCallMeDan

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to @TheyCallMeDan and wish your better future,..

Happy Birthday @TheyCallMeDan 🎂🎉 may you continue to have 1000 more years. My wishes for you health, money and many many many Blessings.

Happy Birthday! @TheyCallMeDan
Best wishes to you and your family. A big hug!

A happy one from Germany to celebrate your Bday.

Happy birthday @TheyCallMeDan 🥂🎉

Wishing you a very happy birthday @thecallmedan Wish you the best

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Theycallmedan is one of best whales and honestly he deserves celebration. Happy birthday theycallmedan🤩

Thanks for bringing this to our awareness @aliento
I got to know @thecallmedan through an upvote notification.
I can’t fail to participate and inform others.

Lastly, just voted for witness
More grace to you

Happy Birthday to @TheyCallMeDan 🎉🎉🎉

Happy birthday Dan and I wish him more success

I really appreciate the thought behind this. Thanks for organizing it. I had a good 36th birthday

As we say in my country. “Estás en la flor de la juventud”. I don't know exactly how it translates into English, but I'm sure your wife can help you! 😁
I hope you celebrate big. Life should always be celebrated! Cheers!🍻

I'm glad you had a good birthday, may every day this year be awesome :)

Happy birthday to one of the coolest Hive whales indeed! :) Best wishes and greetings from Prague.

@tipu curate
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Happy birthday to you @TheyCallMeDan I celebrate your new age, More years to you in good health and happiness.

Happy birthday, @theycallmedan. We have a great man in our midst and we are honored. May Borns rock.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday 🎂 to you.
Blessings. @TheyCallMeDan
I look forward to participating. Thanks for everything and for so much. have a nice birthday!

Happiest birthday to you @TheyCallMeDan this will not be the last on earth 🙏🏻

…and honestly, one of the coolest whales and influencers that Hive has.

Every active Hiver can testify to this!
Happy birthday to you man. Keep being cool. We love you.

Happy birthday @theycallmedan in advance to you. Hive is proud of you and wishes you more years to see this day.

Me encanta esta invitaciòn, asì que a empezar a desplegar la creatividad que todos tenemos😉

Happy Birthday @TheyCallMeDan

You are the man, keep'em coming. Hope you have the best one.

Happy birthday to @TheyCallMeDan

Happy birthday to @theycallmedan, many more joyous years to celebrate.

@TheyCallMeDan Happy birthday to you, keep working and motivating all of us here, always healthy and successful for you 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Happy Birthday @TheyCallMeDan My best wishes of health for you in these new 365 days of opportunities to grow and be happy with your beautiful family. Thank you so much! for all you do for the platform 💖🎂🎉

Happy birthday in advance to him. A really cool member of the Hive community. Great initiative on creating the Hive warriors community :)

Happy birthday 🎊🎉
Many many happy returns of the day 🎈🎂

On Dan's birthday today, Ghana dedicates its 8th borehole inauguration which is today to you. We are excited to launch hive borehole on your birthday and we wish you greater milestones on this special day @theycallmedan

Happy Birthday Dan🎂. I will search my Viking roots and try to come up with a Viking story.

Please tag me if you do :) ?

If I do it, I will tag you. Same here. If you do it, please tag me.

Happy birthday 🎂 to you. @TheyCallMeDan

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Congratulations @theycallmedan - All the best for you viking brother, here I share my participation to this iniciative:


Happy birthday @theycallmedan , I hope you will enjoy my little birthday celebration and card :) Thanks so much for everything you do here 🙌

Happy birthday Dan, we join this celebration with much joy. Skol!!


Happy birthday, @theycallmedan -- thanks for all you do!

One of my father's favorite movies is "The Vikings," and I loved Norse myth as a child and have been whirling about Wagner's Ring recently ... I may take a crack at doing a story like this!

EDIT: Here it is -- enjoy!
Valhalla's Shipbuilder, and His Great Journey to Hivland by which He Won His Place

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