MILLIONS across Canada rally in solidarity with Freedom Convoy

in Canada2 years ago (edited)

▶️ Today saw one of the largest protests in Canadian history, as millions peacefully gathered at border blockades, in downtown Ottawa, and in every other city in the country! Meanwhile Trudeau is moving in with militarized police to arrest and fine $100,000 each participant. But several new convoys have launched, plugging up dozens of border Canada-US border crossings! The global technocratic cabal is finally being officially challenged by the free people of Canada. My little town had a good 400 people today, and the vibe was incredible! It's the same nationwide, as the desire for freedom swells, and we unite against the tyranny of Covid mandates. Freedom fever is spreading quickly, as Canada stands up and shows the world how to hold the line against totalitarianism.

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I have reHived this.
Also check out this footage of the convoy which plugged up the Osoyoos/Oroville border crossing between BC and WA!


Show the world how it's done.

I feel vindicated after years of clandestine(ish) activism and closet awareness. Although it's been a nightmare, I'm happy for all the friends I've made and how I don't have to feel like I'm hiding while making small talk. Feels great to be a part of this...I haven't felt so united with my fellow Canadians or citizens of the world in a long time. Peace is restoring to the land...

It's really amazing footage, and news reports across the country. Footage of the border crossings being blocked has gone viral!

“Millions” is a complete fabrication

What number do you come up with?

Let me put it like this then..

Millions of support here in the Netherlands. And we only got 17 million residents. There is a massive shift going on in the Netherlands. Not to mention rest of Europe. Even the most pro lockdown fanatic politics are screaming "we've been fooled" since documents from last years has made public ( which by law is a max of 3 months btw) also a study from the university here crushed the governments policy. And is now know by the masses here.



Believe what you want, results speak for themselves

Multiple studies claim that lockdowns kill more then corona itself. We have a specific study (by government officials) in the Netherlands that for each life saved 6 were lost due to the lockdown. Let that sink in.

To Denmark. Look at the graph the deaths are rising since November 2021 you dont see a spike in deaths this year 2022 since fully reopening. Also if you look at mine graph you almost see exactly the same curve last year. Difference? no vaccines back then and with restrictions. You know whats that called? Its called seasonal it comes and it goes and you can't do much about it.


Multiple studies claim that lockdowns kill more then corona itself.

Got a link?

What do you define as a lockdown? Do you believe Canada has had lock downs?

Search and you will fine however we can pass studies around but fact is we the Netherlands are about to fully open up. And more Europeans countries are doing the same or did the same.

Anyway results dont lie right? But than you dont say a word about the rising cases PRE fully opening up in Norway? So mass vaccination and still cases tru the roof? Maybe ur fear porn artist Diego Bassani can explane that?

So mass vaccination and still cases tru the roof?

The vaccination reduces the severity of the symptoms it doesn't prevent infection