Short Unpanned Walk: Towai Tower.

in New Zealand6 months ago

check out my homemade 3-layer mask, woot woot

So I was sitting inside and noticed it finally stopped raining, a quick cycle or walk ?. The logical and safest answer was cycling, walking along wet slippery clay ridgelines takes some work. This is what I chose.

track much dryer than expected, stunning Wellington Harbour

It took me about an hour to get organized, and by the time I hit the track the skies had cleared and the track was drying out fast due to the strong winds.

telling data, what is up with that gap ?

Only 2.9km, not really. The GPS signal was cutting in and out with the best data recorded is on the return journey. Today I met someone I never expected to ever see out on the ridgeline, my cousin. It's good to know he enjoys doing these hikes as much as I do so we are going to hook up at some stage and together do a hike.

the sun has come out to play over Wainuiomata

GPS Tracking and Display produced by the Huawei Band 6 and Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone combination.
Photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone.

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