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Reflecting on a Life Worth Living

I took a pause on my blogging streak to get things in my life settled and these are the key takeaways that I treasured. These takeaways have significantly contributed to the way I look at life -- I hope this can become an inspiration for some.

Personal Growth

Since I started blogging, personal growth has been one of my major topics this journey has been marked by determination and self-discovery. I took the 2 weeks of not blogging to reflect, checking the life aspects and as to where they are now. Lifting weights in the gym has been a huge boost in my personal growth it tapped my inner 'the rock' spirit activating not only my muscles but also the discipline that I need to be more aware of my physical and mental health.

Moreover, I will be pursuing another graduate study. I enrolled in a Master's program in Psychology, specializing in Industrial Psychology, this is a pivotal decision in my pursuit of personal growth.

I have been always a fan of understanding human behavior and the psychology behind their actions. The pursuit of knowledge will not only improve my career as an educator but will also boost my value as a streamer on Twitch and a blogger in HIVE, and with every lecture and assignment, I embark on a path that transcends my professional aspirations, enriching my inner world.

I have been trying our new methods and pedagogies to improve our teaching styles. This is our newly purchased interactive screen which I have yet to set up for class.

Meaningful Connections

For the past few years, I have been on a wild journey of rebuilding and building connections. My situation with my family has been calm for months now, My relationship with my girlfriend has evolved into a life-long partnership filled with matching dreams and the excitement of future shared growth and businesses.

We are now venturing into different business and investment that we both share an interest in, the progress that we are making in our new endeavors help us understand each other more and learn more about our future together. The mini donut business and investments in gold will not only weave a more intricate tapestry of our future together but also secure our path emotionally and financially.

The beauty of these connections lies in their ability to provide unwavering support during challenging times and amplify the joy of shared achievements.

My girlfriend and I have discovered that in nurturing these connections, we are building a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. With every donut design getting improved and every recipe getting tastier and tastier our sweetness and strength to stand for each other grow alongside them.

Finding Purpose

Finding purpose has been a huge aspect of my journey in blogging which is why I label my blogs as Becoming More Thoughtful and Rational. I am now focusing more of my focus in being the best professor for my collegiate classes. Also, Advising two collegiate clubs at my institution has been a rewarding experience. Witnessing the passion and growth of my students fills my heart with pride. Furthermore, my commitment to connecting with professional education students has revealed my potential as a catalyst for positive change.

My #BreakTheChains advocacy for men's mental health awareness has reached even in my day job and I will still be putting fitting it in my life. Studying MA in Psychology will help me become an major contributor with my advocacy and I am excited for what improvements are too come.

As I guide these young minds, I realize that my purpose extends beyond personal success. It encompasses the responsibility to shape the future and inspire others to reach their full potential. This realization gives depth and significance to my life's path.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Practicing gratitude and mindfulness have enriched my life in unexpected ways. Contributing positively to my college and securing a certificate from the Commission on Higher Education for one of our programs has been a humbling experience. It underscores my ability to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of others.

To end this blog I would like to share a quote from a stoic philosopher Epictetus:

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." - Epictetus

This period in my life gave me an insight into the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who contribute positively to one's life. It aligns with the idea of meaningful connections and emphasizes the value of relationships that inspire personal growth, purpose, and gratitude. The significance of nurturing connections with those who share similar aspirations and values, such as deepening relationships, mentoring students, and contributing to professional success.


All these plans and aspirations will be witnessed by HIVE and wish to start my journey once more I am powering up 28.472 HIVE this month. These HP are from the blog earnings that I got from last month, I will keep on growing my account to increase the value of my voice and help more people Become More Thoughtful and Rational


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This blog is to make sure that I am #aliveandthriving. Being #alive is a huge blessing and I am happy to celebrate it every day!

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This is amazing to know you are figuring your life out, and trying to put things together for yourself.
I love your growth and improvement techniques.
More power to you.
Best to you ☺️

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Great to see you alive and well and back on Hive @cmmndrbawang, and fantastic to read about your journey of personal growth, and I hope it continues, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

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You're so passionate in learning and discovering more about life and everything else @cmmndrbawang, and that's so great! Good luck with your journey!