Thursday Surprises | IAAC Year 2

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Friday Jr! Well, at least that's what some call Thursday. I planned on doing #throwbackThursday since April has been our fave month for summer getaways. However, it has been two years, and we're still under restrictions. 😑😑

Got my morning garden walk. The sun was out. Even cats and kittens basked in the sunlight.

Whose cat are you?

Surprise #1 was this kitty cat. I was calling it Hoodie, but I think I mistook it for a similar cat that is a little bigger. My daughter suggested to call it Rio. I suspect it's one of MingMing's kittens. She likes sending them our way. 🐈🐈

Hibiscus plant blossoms again

It was a miracle the first time a flower bloomed after more than a year. We thought the plant was barren. Now it gave us another beautiful flower. 🏵

Nice surprises are welcome any day of tbe week. An advanced happy weekend to all!!

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 5 months ago  

How are you dear friend @iamraincrystal good night
You are doing a good job in the garden, your Chinese rose has given you a flower, there is nothing more exciting
have a beautiful night

 5 months ago  

Happy FriYAY! We continue on and enjoy the weekend despite the sitiuation around us. I'm happy to see flowers in our garden. I hope all my plants grow to their maximum potential. 😁😁

Enjoy your weekend! 🌞🌞

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