We Are Alive! April 17th, 2024 Swamp Cooler

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This is the time of year when temperature swings back and forth for a while. Some days feel cold like winter, other days are a foretaste of summer. We had one warm day and it made me realize... we're about to turn the AC on.

The electric company is raising it's rates and has introduced "peak time" when power is more expensive. It's especially costly during summer months, and it's to encourage people to use less AC power. Our home is suited to cool about half the house, so we got something to help us keep the other half cool.

It's essentially a strong fan with a shower of water flowing behind it. Very simple design, very effective at cooling without using a lot of power.

It's rated to cool 500 square feet and I can see why. It blows a lot of cool air, even without the fountain running. Very happy so far with the cooling effect of this device.

We'll have to see how it does on a hot day!

My little daughter had so much fun feeling the cool breeze on her face, and it's not even hot today!

This little box moves a lot of air and the children are very happy and excited about it. I am too, since it uses only a small fraction of the power that AC uses.

Happy daddy, happy family.


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We are experiencing full hotness here especially in the night.
We only get to enjoy few hours of coolness once a little rain drops.

Your child is really enjoying the cool breeze.

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Your daughter enjoys it

Here in our country too, summers are here and so the ACs are switched on and the kids are much happier.

The weather changes is a wonder of creation. Nice having the act to keep the room cool in a hot day.