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Hello Hive

Almost everyone is familiar with the word forgiveness,, and growing up it's one of the key lessons my parents made me understand, as they tag forgiveness one of the core and essential part of every relationship.


In a scenario or another we would have offended someone and someone would have offended us likewise, and in has much as we want to be forgiven so does the person who offend us also to seek forgiveness. Except you don't love such person that's when one or two mistake will lead to the end of such relationship or friendship.

forgiveness goes beyond you setting someone free from their guilt, because in as much as you refuse to forgive someone, you indirectly put yourself in bondage of rage and remembrance of past events, even if the person in question as forgotten about the scenario, you'll still be the slave of the past.


So in all we do, let try and forgive all our offenders, no Matter how huge their offences might be, so we can easily move on and let go of the past, at least we all sin against God and always seek His forgiveness whenever we go astray, so in that same spirit let learn and cultivate the habit of forgiveness.

For example I was once offended by someone, and it really hurt me, and after sometime I said I've forgive him in my mind, but then I realize that each time I see him or his picture I'm reminded of what he did and how much it cost me, So one day I pick up the courage and went to him, we spoke at length and I ended up being free from such mindset.


Lastly the aspect of forgiveness that we really need to cultivate is self forgiveness, it's one of the hardest type of forgiveness, several times we make mistake, made bad choices and we tend to keep chastising ourselves over and over again, why did I do this?, why did I not do that?, and during the course of the chastisement, time is running out, and we might end up losing more than we bargain for, if we don't understand that mistake are part of life, and when there is life, there's is hope.

Cultivate the habit of forgiveness today, let go of everyone you've held in captive of your heart including you and you'll realise there's still enough to live for and that there is enough time to make the rest of your life, the very best of your existence.

Thanks for reading through my post, stay safe


Yes forgiveness is very important to build strong relationships.
Everyone will say or do the wrong thing at some point
We either forgive or build resentment.
Have a blessed and successful day

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Interesting and thought provoking freewrite. My pleasure to feature it in my next upvote giveaway for better visibility :) Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much sir, I really appreciate your kind gesture.

Have a blessed day ahead.