A fascinating cloud display

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I stepped out late yesterday afternoon expecting to be walking in a dark light given that winter is here and our days are short in South East Queensland at the Sunshine Coast. But as I rounded the corner and walked down the short street toward the path there was this massive white puffy cloud, it looked luminous.

This walk was not going to be boring and dark after all. I felt a tinge of excitement, this was going to be fun.


In only a couple of minutes I was standing on the path seeing the top part of the cloud, noticing a little bit of gold light shining through the leaves. The sunset light had started and it was not even 5pm.


Looking behind me toward the west I saw this huge cloud formation lit up with the beauty of sunset colours, like a glowing lightbulb.


I turned back toward the big round puffy cloud positioned over the trees and noticed a change in colour already, the sunset was in full action mode. So back I went up the road to take a pic.


And as I waked along the path I felt surrounded by the luminous golden lit up clouds like this one peeking over a 3 storey resort and palm trees.


But, as I turned the corner and walked away from the west the sunset light in the clouds were either very subtle or not there at all. Nature has its own agenda, it was in complete control of this sunset show. I was a mere walker who just happened to be out walking at the right time witnessing a fascinating light display. I really liked the shape of the cloud


This big black cloud in the north had only a touch of light in part of it. i quicken my walking toward thinking that rain would be falling very soon.


My last pic is this one taken on the final stretch of the Esplanade before the walking path. A little sunset light was evident only.


I could not explain how or why the sunset throws its colours in some clouds and not others let alone how some colours are more intense in some clouds and not others. But, I should know that winter has the most viivd multi-coloured sunsets. I won't make the mistake again, thinking that a walk in winter would be uneventful.

I was grateful that I was privy to this sunset light display, it was a treat to walk along and one I thought is worthy of posting for #Wednesdaywalk. Maybe not expecting such a show made my walk all the better but I know that I spent a lot of my walking looking up rather than looking around and down at the ground.

Thank you for dropping in and reading my post, it was a fun one to write.


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Thank you



So many are so busy they fail to look up and see the clouds which is a pity always interesting and constantly changing especially at sunset as you have shown here

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Always a pleasure joining Wednesday Walk. I have always loved clouds so looking up is my style!

The same with me :)