Have You Been To The Moon? Our Challenging Trek To The Rocky Mountain Adventure Unlimited Searching For The Moon

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Our trek to the moon
The breathtaking view from the crescent moon
Just me on the moon
My husband on the cresent moon
Flowers on our way
The challenging trek going up
When we got there, the mountain view said hi to us!

Happy Hump Day, amazing people!

Let's get to another interesting walk today, and I am taking you to the moon! Any selenophiles like me out there? You heard it. The moon just landed on the mountains of La Trinidad, Benguet, here in the Philippines!

You know, there's something incredibly magical and mysterious about the mountains. I mean, that's just me. Their towering peaks, the way the sunlight dances off their tips, and the sheer sense of accomplishment when you reach the top—this is the tale of one such adventure, a challenging trek my husband and I undertook to the Rocky Mountain Adventure Unlimited in La Trinidad, Benguet, 2 weeks ago. I posted in my previous posts a landscape view of the mountains where the giant Cresent Moon statue was located. Today, I am posting photos of the moon itself on top of the mountain.

Our journey began after a late breakfast at one of the local restaurants in Baguio City, and later, we headed to La Trinidad to witness this new tourist spot in Benguet. The air was crisp, the sky was blue, and the weather was awesome. It was a perfect day to go on a trek. No drizzle, no rain. It was about a 30-minute drive from Baguio City. When we got there, we were filled with anticipation, our hearts beating in sync with the rhythm of nature. The path was steep and rugged, a little muddy and slippery, mossy and green, and just a testament to the adventure that lay ahead. But we were undeterred. With each step, we were not just climbing a mountain; we were also overcoming our own personal barriers. Our daughter was actually with us, but she decided to just stay in the car since the pathway going up is a bit challenging for an 11-year-old kid.

The trail was a mix of dense forests and open terrain. The rustling leaves whispered tales of the many travelers who had embarked on this journey before us. The chirping of the birds was our constant companion, their melodies echoing through the vast expanse. We paused occasionally, not just to catch our breath but to soak in the beauty that surrounded us. My husband, who is the talker, made the trek more meaningful. Video here, vlog there, picture here, snap there. Lol. The higher we climbed, the thinner the air got, and the tougher the trek became. But we kept each other going. We were both set on reaching the top and seeing the famous crescent moon statue.

And let me tell you, when we finally saw the statue, it was totally worth the effort. It was a wowzer for me. It was standing tall against the sky, looking absolutely majestic. The view from the top was just breathtaking. We stood there, taking it all in, feeling really proud of ourselves for making it. The trek was definitely challenging, but it was also a lot of fun. We got to spend some quality time together, enjoy the beauty of nature, and just be. We took photos and videos and made memories up there for keepsakes. It was a great experience, and I'm really glad we did it.

So yeah, that's our Rocky Mountain adventure to the moon. It was a tough climb, but the view from the top was extraordinary and phenomenal. I hope you guys get the chance to visit the place as well. I swear, it's worth every step and hike.

Until next, my friends. Thank you for visiting!

⊱ღ One love ⊱ღ

November 29, 2023, 8:35 a.m. PST
In between the farm and the beach

(All texts, photos, and videos are my own and were taken by me unless stated otherwise; Please DO NOT copy.)

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Wow nkakalula sa ganda sis ai...hapi to see you all. A happy family sis, love it!

Hehe salamat, sis!

Always welcome sis🤗...


It's super cool, mommy. Lol daddy is funny.

It is, Nani!! Yeah, daddy is a goofball 😅

Wow! Ang ganda naman dyan.
Antagal tagal ko nang hindi nakabalik ng Baguio...
I hope makapasyal kami dyan very very soon

Salamat, kuya. Madami ng mga bagong tourist spots dun. Pasyal ka po ulet :)

Looks like an awesome adventure. To the moon and back :)

It was, big bro! Thank you 😀

Wow buti ka pa napasyal na jan, ako na kapitbahay ko lang di ko pa napupuntahan.hehe

Hehe sursur, kabsat!

That is so nice , sitting on the big moon and staring the city. Enjoy🤗

Thank you, @john0928 . We did enjoy the times up there :)

The family trip became a trek date! Ayee! It's nice that your husband made the trek fun for you. You won't mind the challenge because he's with you.

Yes, indeed, sis. But now he's back to Vegas again :(
Thanks for stopping by, gorgeous!

Awww ganda ng place!


Ilista mon, kabsat. Isunto papanam nu next ka agbakasyon hehe.

win ngarud kabsat. Thanks for sharing!

How great to travel to the moon in your company, dear friend @bloghound. Without a doubt, the climb would have been a great effort, but it was worth it in the face of so much beauty.
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day

Thank you so much, my dear friend, @jlufer. It was fantastic hiking up there. I would love to go back again when I get a chance. Good evening!

I thin k you forgoto t menton batman sis, hehe glad you had an awesome adventure with the love of your life and kiddo,

hehe onga, sis. Andun sa daan naiwan hehe.
Salamat, sis!

A visit to the majestic moon. So beautifully captured my dear friend. The colour contrasts are just remarkable. Definitely you both should have moments of fun together.

Ang ganda ng Lugar. Love the mountain view sis.

Thank you, sis! It was a fine day out!

A pleasant trip, beautiful views, the weather was quite sunny, there were few clouds. Thank you.

It was! Thank you, my friend!

OMG,, very" beautiful place 😘

@deadofwrite I thought so too! Thank you, my friend!

Love the moon thing, making the whole thing more realistic like you've reached the moon with that hike! Really lovely!

My thoughts exactly @gabrielatravels :) Thank you so much!!!

what a delightful walk, love the flowers and that crescent moon sculture and the views are awesome

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you so much, @tattoodjay :) It was a memorable hike indeed!

It is very interesting that you reached the moon. It's great, I loved it

Thank you! I do too!!

Your welcome

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Di ko kaya mag hike kasi may asthma ako, hihingalin ako hehe. Ang ganda parang nasa moon na din kayo. Happy Thursday!

You're missing half of your life pag may hika ka, sis! Salamat! It was worth hiking. Good morning!

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