Color Emerge - A Painted Walk

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

The cool crisp air compels you to switch from shorts and sandals to a jacket and Fall boots. The smells of hot chili and comforting soups greets your nose upon arrival at your destination. You start craving hot chocolate and marshmallows and begin consuming more teas for the warmth.

Invites to bonfires and hearing talks of Oktoberfest and pumpkin patches launch. Football season is at its peak and all you see are fans sporting their gear every Sunday. People are wanting to gather more and cozy up to food and entertainment.

These are all wonderful things to look forward to during this season change but one of the most exciting parts for me is…

capturing the colors as they emerge


I took a walk with my kids so I could gather some photos of this beautiful transformation. I do this every year and each time I am more amused.

It’s like the plants are getting dressed in their best and saying

It’s time for us to shine!


As I often complain, this onset of gorgeous hues doesn’t last long enough. You have to catch them at the dawn of the season or it’ll be too late. Before you know it the leaves will turn brown, start to crumble and begin falling by the wayside.


I was so intrigued by the deep red tones that I snapped several perspectives. They are the highlight of the forest standing out against the shadows. The dominant color when it comes to depth and vibrancy in my opinion.

Its easy for one to become intrigued and mesmerized with tranquility while staring at these magnificent transformations.

I could do it all day.



Do not limit your sights to what’s on the grounds. We looked up and found other conversions.

From reds to orange



From oranges to yellows



There are plenty to see in just a short distance.

My kiddos had fun standing on rock formations and picking through things. They are my little outdoor adventurers.


It’s fun enjoying nature. Especially when the bees are at rest.

I also love the mild sun that gently illuminates the trees. It’s an almost perfect setup for a day of walking and photography.

For those of you that experience the switch from Summer to Fall what are some of your favorite things?

All photos were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


Thanks for Reading ~


I to love this season and the gorgeous warm colors, but the last couple of years due to a variety of things i have missed getting photos of it, luckily this year I am doing better

But WOW your photos are amazing so beautiful

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

I'm glad to hear you say you're doing better this year and I hope it stays that way. I'm sure you've missed getting those particular shots. 😊

Thank you! I always value and appreciate your feedback. I've missed posting here ~


You could do it all day? I could do it all day with you. Love Fall. And, while we, naturally have Fall here in SA, it's not quite the same as over your side. My memories of when I lived in the US always comes with the magnificent autumnal colours. Such a wonderful time of year

I absolutely could. Isn’t Fall just the most gorgeous time of year?!! There is something about these colors that keeps us loving them ~ ☺️

Gorgeous! I think our Heavenly Father gave us these wonderous Fall colours in preparation for the drab and icy winter to follow

I agree! ☺️

My favorite season of the year! Beautiful and colorful.. It's amazing seeing the leaves transforming...just like how humans change from spring to fall..

Yes! It's the absolute best! 😃

I truly appreciate you stopping by Jane. I hope you’re doing okay ~ 🩷

Que hermoso que hayas captado con tu lente el placer de esta estación que es tan hermosa, aunque te confieso irradia tristeza.

Yes I was happy to capture this beauty. 😊

I think I know what you mean about the photos radiating sadness. I normally share very bright and bold photos but this time I wanted to try something different and do more of a mild darker tone.

jajajaja, te quedó muy bien..

jajajaja, te quedó muy bien..

It’s like the plants are getting dressed in their best and saying
It’s time for us to shine!

They sure are ! 😂

The plants all look colourful, converting from one colour to the other .
You sure had a nice walk with your little adventurers 🥰.

We really did. It's always nice to get out of the house and check out some scenery 😀. Thanks so much for the visit ~

The red sumacs are some of the first ones to turn during fall. Also good for harvesting spices for chicken.

So that's what they're called 😄. I was going to take some time to look them up to see what they were. I just read that they are good for your health. Have you ever harvested any? I'm curious of what the process would be for spice making.

I just kind of grab the fluffy red seed stalk part and crumble them to get rid of the seed in the center then spice grind the fluff part and toast it a bit to dry it. After that you can just put it on whatever you want. Fresh ones are also good brewed as tea. There is a poison version of sumac with green berries and no fluff on the berries, the edible sumac is what you have taken a picture of with red fluffy seed pods.

Oh wow this is great. This is literally growing right around the corner from me. That doesn’t seem to hard. I think I will try my hand at making some spice.

Taking note about the poisonous ones, thank you 😳. Good to know we have plenty of the safe ones around.

Thanks for all your shared knowledge. It’s truly appreciated!!

Wow this leaves are so beautiful and colourful. I love them all. Thanks for share ma

I'm glad you liked them ~

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