A walk around the city, through history, through science

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When winter comes and the temperature drops below zero, the city's water supply stops supplying H²O to all the fountains and water fountains in the city.


Then every fountain is dry and if you get thirsty, you have no choice but to quench your thirst by drinking at a nearby bar instead of at the street fountain.
We are lucky that the H²O in our water supply is safe to drink, so the taps can be used properly when it is not winter.
Quite useful for walking, you don't need to carry a bottle, you can wash and refresh yourself at any fountain.

As it is now quite cold, we did not need the fountain for refreshment.
We were looking for a place where we can warm up a bit.

Passing through Knez Mihajlova Street, next to the SANU building (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), the display in the window of the SANU Gallery caught my attention.


The exhibition is dedicated to a Serbian scientist, a chemist.


When we entered the gallery, it was as if we had stepped into the last century, into an old chemical laboratory.


On the shelves, ampoules with various substances, chemical elements, catalysts, crystals and salts...



Beakers and various tools and devices for working in a chemical laboratory are displayed in glass cabinets...



But all that did not excite me. I was delighted by what made me blush.
I never liked chemistry in my life.
The formulas were foreign to me (except for the one for water, which I already mentioned a couple of times, on purpose).
But I am ashamed that I have never heard of Sima Lozanić, a man from this area, a scientist, professor, minister, soldier, such a way of life, work and work. At that time, from the small country of Serbia, he was sent to study in big schools, and succeeded...


He rose to the very top of scientific work, leaving behind an impressive biography.

I stopped and read in detail what Sima achieved in his life, where he was and what he did...


In 1922, he marked 50 years of scientific work, when he received a printed Memorial, as well as a portrait made by Paja Jovanovic, a famous painter.








The break we took in the gallery, no wonder it took so long, but when we continued our walk, we were happy that we had the opportunity to get to know the character and work of Sima Lozanic.

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

All photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone


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Nice review. It's good to hear about talented people such as Dr. Lozanić and his scientific work.


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