Šumice park - Wednesday walk, playground, school and coffee

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Sometimes it happens that a man is unable to travel, to visit new countries and cities, new unexplored locations and natural beauties. Sometimes it is due to lack of time (obligations at work, obligations at school or college, obligations in the family), lack of money, lack of health...

But even then, a man is not condemned to spend his time between his four walls - unless he is in prison, so four dark walls are all he has in his life, four walls and one small window looking at the sky...
I'm not in prison.
But due to the lack of time, due to business obligations, I don't get to go on a trip, so I only have one left...
I can take part of my time to walk as a free man, even though I have not traveled anywhere.
And the walk on wednesday is an ideal opportunity to share my walk with you.


A bright and sunny winter's day lured me outside.
I dress casually and decide to take a walk in the nearest park in my neighborhood. Šumica park.
I also have a slightly larger forest park nearby, but I have to go to it by car... And I don't want that.
I want to walk...


Walking, I pass by the most beautiful house in the area (at least in my opinion), which reminds me of the Amsterdam style of construction with dark colored bricks...


We walk past the children's playgrounds. For small children and their parents, a warm day is ideal for being in the park.


It is also an ideal time for dog owners, who walk with their pets.



I often passed this park (mainly when the treetops are green), but I never noticed how close it is to the building of the Eighth Belgrade High School.


The large building, which began operating as a school gymnasium back in 1937, cannot boast of its appearance today.
Dilapidated facade, broken fence with missing elements, trampled grass.
It looks more like a penal institution to me, and not a well-known school institution...


The only bright spot is the large school yard, the football and basketball court (and I like the two drawings, the mural and the graffiti).



We are going down through the park, along nicely arranged paths that are full of people, and our destination is a cafe Forest, where we will take a break from walking and enjoy the warm sun rays...




With coffee, sun and soft music from the cafe, accompanied by the chirping of birds, and with some picture of the greenery that I usually like to see in the park, I'm bringing the #wednesdaywalk that I'm sharing with you to an end.



I wish everyone a nice day and a good walk.

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

All photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone


A pity for that high school, it should be fixed. but the park is nice with this winter sun, and you are right - we don't always have to travel to enjoy the surroundings. A little walks can be great too ;)

The most important thing is to find beauty and satisfaction in small things, in something that is within your reach.
If you have such a life philosophy, you can enjoy every day, not a few weeks a year.

That is the right way of thinking, if we enjoy every day and moment if we find meaning in everything, then it is the key to happiness, right? :)

Greetings and have a good weekend ☀️

I wish you a nice weekend, too

The gymnasium building is interesting in its architecture, it could look great after renovation. But anyway, the park is very nice and the walk was interesting!

I can't wait for spring, for the trees to turn green, then the walk in the park will be even more interesting. And I won't be able to see this ruined facade from the treetops...

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