Wednesday walk : Walk in the City of Bandung

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Best wishes to all. Thank you #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay as host. Don't get bored walking around the City of Bandung with different object. This time my experience of visiting Merdeka street, Lembong street and Braga street.


The City of Bandung is located in West java province, the city of bandung is one the tourist destinations for domestic and foreign citizens. The city of bandung is quite comfortable for walking around, the weather is quite cool.


The city setting is good, there are also many historical heritage buildings. I tried to explore around Merdeka street some of the old buildings that were still sturdy such as Church building, government bank office buildings.




Garden arrangements pedestrian roads which were quite beautiful, flower plants were accessories planted on the side walks. Then passing trough Lembong street, there was a statue where it was located at the cross roads, from the history of the city of bandung there is a foot ball club that has been around for a long time, to commemorate foot ball lovers.




The government made a foot ball statue and a statue was made of one of the legendary players. The location of the statue is quite strategic can be seen clearly.


Around Braga street there are several historical buildings such as the building which funtion as a bank government, you can see the architecture form is Art deco prominent horizontal and vertical lines, this historic building was built around 1930 by Dutch architect.




Not far from this place still on Braga street, there is a cinema building also the building is old, now used as a restaurant.


Historical buildings on the city of bandung are buildings that are preserved and become cultural heritage.
When you go around the city of bandung, the government provides a unique open bus.


Thank you very much.
Happy day.


Good morning dear friend @hsidik how are you?
It's good that you have a comfortable and cool city to walk around.
What a beautiful city, I love how it looks so clean and orderly.
I appreciate you sharing these beautiful photographs of the environment of your hike.
Have a great day

@jlufer Good morning, good news again, I hope you also have the same good news. Yes, it's true that it's quite beautiful and well-organized in the city of bandung. Thank you for your attention. In Indonesia there is a world football mach for 17 year olds taking place, but the Argentina club apparently reach the quarter finals. Happy day.

its always good if one feels the place they live is safe and has good spots for walking

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

@tattoodjay Thank you for your attention, yes, it's true that it's quite comfortable for walking in the city bandung. When are you going to bandung..just kidding. Greetings. Happy day.