Decay and Rebirth in the Forest

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Yesterday after work, I wandered through the woods taking pictures of the various mushrooms growing happily in our unusually cool and wet weather. I timed my walk after the rain was done for the day, but everything was wet, and I was scrambling through the brush and following deer trails, so I was still pretty drenched at the end of a relatively short scramble. Tag along on a tour of the woods in my corner of the inland northwest!

I'm no expert on mushroom identification, and my phone didn't do such a great job capturing everything I saw, but I selected several shots I felt were good enough to share despite my limited skill and sketchy smartphone camera.

I cropped and edited the top photo for an earlier post, but the rest haven't been shared in any form elsewhere. The bottom image from a slightly different angle shows the other small brown mushrooms nearby as well.

small color.jpg

low angle.jpg

I included a slightly-blurry scandalous upskirt shot of one mushroom as well for you perverts. There was also this neat old stump covered in moss and lichens.

under the cap.jpg


Several areas were covered with many small mushrooms just a centimeter or so in diameter. This was the best shot I got of any such clusters though. I also found a rock and another stump covered in more moss and lichens.

tiny brown mushrooms.jpg


moss and lichens.jpg

Back to the fungi! I really have no idea what either of these are, and I really, really hope no one looks into the stupid names I gave these images. The dark ones in the bottom image actually lifted rocks as they grew.

wrinkly mushrooms.jpg

dark mushrooms.jpg

There were many of these mushrooms, which I think are a variety of amanita. Close inspection of the ground around them shows evidence of an almost explosive rate of growth tearing through the soil and pushing detritus aside.

pushing upward.jpg

Here's hoping the cool weather and unusually high rainfall lead to a wildfire-free summer and autumn. If you can identify any of these fungi in the comments, I will be deeply appreciative. Larger upvotes and $PIZZA tokens maybe awarded for particularly helpful comments.


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I included a slightly-blurry scandalous upskirt shot of one mushroom as well for you perverts

I may never look at a mushroom quite the same way again. Ha ha!

I think your phone did well and such a cool variety of Mushrooms

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)