Wednesday Walk and a Story in the Garden

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A Beautiful Morning with Passiflora

This is my entry/contribution to the Wednesday Walk challenge started by @tattoodjay and thanks to @elizacheng for supporting it. 😊

You may be asking "Passiflora? What's that?" Long story short, it is the other name for Passion Fruit!

Introducing Passion Fruit (aka: Maracuyá en Español)! It is a delicious, but little fruit, that grows seeds under the husk. The seeds have this "goo" with them which is edible and very sweet.

With a lot of time to practice lately, I've gotten a lot better at photography! I want to share better quality photos with the net, especially thumbnails. What do you think? 😊

When it's blooming season for the plants, it's mating season for the animals. When fruit from the plants grow, the babies now have delicious food full of nutrients!


In other posts, I've mentioned that we grow Passion Fruit, but it's a struggle to grow them because of Iguanas (but I recently figured out the problem was with the ants which love to eat everything).

On our walk, we discovered that near them, ARE MORE PASSION FRUITS! We did not grow them, but my papa FREAKED OUT seeing them and more food for us since we haven't noticed them for 4 years. 😂

No Iguanas, ants or any kind of critters to destroy them here. We also found a papaya in the plants' secret hideout. 😄


At some point we won't have to buy from the supermarkets. ;)






When the Passion Fruit is ripe, they turn red, brownish red or yellow depending on the species. So many Christmas ornament variations! haha.


The riper the fruit is, the more food there is!

Thank you for viewing my post, as always, I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy the rest of your day!



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I love both the passion flower and the fruit, been a while since I ad one fresh, I wonder if the stores here have them

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Thanks for the visit! Actually, I don't think I have ever eaten or have even seen a Passion fruit from any supermarket or on sale though. 😅 I know you can also eat the leaves of a Passion fruit vine and add it to salads or use it like spinach. Maybe they have them in Massachusetts. 🤔

I will take a look next time i go to the market,

Pretty. I think I saw like this at the farm before.

You live by a farm? That's sounds nice. I don't, but my papa and I are starting to make my place look a lot like a farm planting so many food trees hehe. 😀

Yes, we live close to the beach and the farm. Farmland is cool and not noisy like the city 😀

That's a perfect combination! There are many farms also here in Mexico. Yes, it is very peaceful. The Mexicans say it is a blessing to do gardening because of bringing life to the world. 🌱🌴🌳

Oh Mexico. They love tacos, right? 😁

Hehe yes, you name it, tamales, taquitos, sopes, burritos, quesadillas, pescadillas.. It's quite the common stereotype, but that one is true here! 😉