Fast walking is the key

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Pee Wednesday hivers!

I'm running of topic again to be shared here but it seems I can participate the @Wednesdaywalk of @tattoodjay. Thanks for saving. It's been a week that we suffered a heavy rains at Mindanao. My place at the Philippines. Mostly the people don't want to go out when it's raining outside. Then I don't want my feet to be wet lol. I'm scared also with the floods. Hope that my fellow Filipinos out there is purely safe in God's grace.

However my partner send me some money for his son and I'll be the one to send to my stepson. He lost his valid ID and Palawan pawnshop is okay for him coz he had a suki card. International remittance is very strict when it comes to ID's. So my partner changed the receiver name into mine. Then I'll be the one to send it to my stepson via Palawan remittance. He had something to pay at the seminary.

(Going to Palawan pawnshop, the white building is the Catholic school that just next to our house)

(Just mhe🤭🤭🤭)

(The small road to our humble home)

(It's Palawan Pawnshop)

(Still raining while I'm inside)

(Thanks I'm done..)

(I take off my mask, I can't breath lol)

After I changed my clothes I've started to walk around 10:25 am. It's damn cold roarrrr. The rain never stops but I'm not bringing an umbrella just a cap is enough for me. Fast walking is the key lol. Good thing is the rain is not so heavy.

Apparently upon entering the Palawan pawnshop there's a few customers only, thanks God. The Palawan pawnshop is a Philippines based pawnshop and non banking financial institution offering services such as pawn broking, money remittance, insurance, bills payment, remit to account, corporate payout, collections and electronic reloading.

When I'm done and have my receipt, I take some photo of the receipt and send to my stepson to his Facebook messenger.






After my transaction at Palawan Pawnshop I'll visit my friend Annalou just near at the gasoline station which is the SHELL. It seems that the road is not so busy because of the rain. A few people only I've seen walking at the road. It's so cold then I forgot to bring my jacket.

Upon reaching my friend's house, she's busy at the kitchen. Ah it's lunch time. She's preparing the ingredients for tinolang isda. It's her schedule to cook for their lunch. Sometimes her younger brother is the chef cook, his good in cooking also.

After few minutes of chitchat I tell her that I'll go home later. She want me to have some lunch there but I refused. Baby Collin need some milk also so I need to go home as soon possible hehehe.

Time to say goodbye and that's all for todays blog. Thanks for reading guys. Keep safe always.

August 10, 2022
5:41 pm

The fighter mom,


kagwapa sis uyy 🥰😍😍💕

Ui buyag ka diha sis hahaha. Nagpaulan twn ang pobre.

Sorry having to so generic comments today due to some issues with one of my hands

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Oh so sorry for what happened to your one hand. Be safe always and thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it. God bless and take care of yourself.

Nag ulan d i diha sa inyoha sis. Diri kay nagpakita si haring araw.

Na ferte jud ulan sis..kaning taligsik style ba nga di moundang. Way haring araw nagpakita dri sa amoa.

Ay Mao? Pero karon niinit na diha karon.

Uo sis niinit na jud. Mauga na jud mga ukay ukay sa taas ba hehehe.

Hahaha ibaligya dayon ng imong ukay² pag mauga na sis

Hahaha ka sister jacque na. Sabado pko laba sis ky way bakante ang taas.

Ay Mao ba. Ako kay pahuway pa ko ug laba kay ako na nahuman tong daghang labhunon ganiha.

So pretty!
Stay safe in the rain.. Dala na payong next time pero bitaw kapoy dala payong. 😂

Thank you wit hehehe. Di uso sko payong ky basin mabiyaan nko ba.

ahahaha mao jd na ang permi mabyaan raba ay

Sige raman kag trip to Palawan maamsh oy. Sanaol

Kanang daghn gani sugo sa maid mao cge ta ani maulanan sa gawas maamsh hahaha.

true, masyadong nagiging maulan na naman dito sa Mindanao. saan po ang lugar niyo?

Yes po. Nasa Mangagoy Bislig City po ako. Kayo po?

ohmy, no need to use po na po sa akin ate! im still 17 huhu. anw, im from Zamboanga del Norte po

Hahaha nasanay na ako mg po dahil sa mga Tagalog sa blogging na nkilala ko. Hala ang bta mo pa tlga nho. Eldest ko is 16 na. Ang layo Ng Zamboanga. Bisaya ka din?

yes po, huhu hindi pa ako nakakaeencounter ng 17 yo dito na iba... bisaya rin po ako atee

Maau ky bisaya ka ba. Naa ka sa discord? C dennmarc bata pa mga 3rd year college na nuon hehehe. Naa 9 yo dri c nani ang anak ni sis bloghound. Check sko mga reblogged.

Ka blooming ba sis hihi.

Blue na miming suro sis hehehe. Bitaw haggard na kaau ko ba.

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Hope you had a great day, sis Jean!

Thanks sis kahit maulan buong araw dito sa amin.

What did your friend cook, tita?

Tinolang isda, is it your favorite?

What is that, tita? sinigang? Yeah, I like fish with sabaw, tita 🐟😍

Wait I forgot hahaha, it's bisaya dialect. Just like sinigang but it's not sour. The taste is good, ask your mom if she knows it.

With ginger, tita right?

Yes have yummy...