Wednesday Walk: Exploring Some Unknown Places

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Long live the new day of the week - Wednesday, full of joy of life, light and creativity.

I walk along the seashore and take in the scents - the aroma of still green, rich grass intertwines with the unique smell of fallen leaves, the wind brings a note of cypress from afar and mixes it with the smell of fresh seawater... Nature mixes its perfumes.

In the morning, the sky was overcast and poured rain on our heads, but the sun was still trying to regain its position and shone through the curtain of rain, creating a magical effect of mist sprinkled with glowing raindrops. And then a double rainbow shone above our heads - a symbol of happiness and hope! But I have no photos of the rainbow as I was busy with my children.

I drank afternoon coffee on the shore near my home and turned to the town. It was already decorated for Christmas, so it looked very attractive. When it is dark outside the window or in the soul, we look for light in all its manifestations. I always look forward to turning on the Christmas lights. Because it means I will walk for a whole month looking at the picture worth a million.

There is still a Christmas spirit here. Do you still feel it? Today, with only a week before New Year, which, of course, will pass before we can even blink, not only store windows and streetlights are decorated with Holiday spirit. Today, people start to smile differently, their eyes become happy when they hear "Last Christmas" or another holiday tune.

I had a long walk in the town exploring every still unfamiliar corner. And I found a wonderful place. This is the former villa of the Greek poet Sikelianos, where he lived with his American wife, Eva Palmer, in 1912.

Sikelianos and his wife, an American dancer, organized all kinds of bohemian parties here. The intellectuals of that time used to party here, including the author of "Zorba the Greek" Nikos Kazantzakis.

The villa itself is still standing, and I had the opportunity to go there. Before, I knew almost nothing about this Greek poet, but regardless, I always tend to explore new things and places. It was like touching another person's life.

Near the villa, here is a beautiful garden.

Now there is a hotel and spa located next to this place.

I returned home at the sunset. Today, when there is so little left until Christmas, it is time to share kindness, warmth, love... Faith and hope. It's wonderful - after all, it's Christmas, a time of good wishes, high hopes, naked sincerity, open smiles... A time when you want to reach out to someone and share everything you have and even what you don't have. A time when you want to be as good as ever. Like little angels...


With love, @madeirane
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