Wednesday Walk: Nothing Passes...

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Solomon said that all things pass - and this shall pass. Chekhov asserted the opposite: "If I wanted to order a ring from a jeweler, I would choose the following inscription: "Nothing passes."

Both were probably right. Events pass, dates fade, but the feelings we once experienced are imprinted in our memory like the face of Jesus imprinted on the Shroud of Turin (if we suppose that Jesus' face was really there) and remain there as long as that memory lives. In that sense, we all have divine qualities - we can create the surrounding world, both the material world and the world of our own or other people's feelings. We can bring love, joy, light into life. And we can, caught up in foolish pride, destroy everything.

Demolition is easier and the illusion of power is the same. The most ferocious destroyers are those who themselves have been destroyed by someone.

It is not easy to get used to a new place. You want to create everything: your cozy home, relations with neighbors, the environment, get to know the area and leave your mark there. I can't stand abandoned beautiful places, I want to take care of them, beautify them, even if the trash is left by strangers.

For now, I'm exploring the area, walking a lot and observing. I'm trying to get used to the new environment, new living conditions. I know that it is already snowing in my neighborhood, and if I lived there, I might be cleaning tracks in my yard from the snow, or maybe I would be making a snowman with my children. But here I still watch tangerines on the trees, blooming flowers, and even swim in the sea.

Such is life, and such are my walks.


With love, @madeirane
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I do agree they both can be right depending on the viewpoint and the situation

that was a beautiful walk you shared with us today

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk

have a great day