Wednesday Walk: Our Walk in Nafplio, Greece

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While we were in Xylocastro, Peloponnese, we decided to explore this island and visit some famous places. So, we sat in our car and moved to Nafplio town for a walk. I use the word town deliberately, since this is really a small city. This small, charming town is truly one big attraction itself, and in my opinion, an attraction not only of the Peloponnese, but of all of Greece.

Nafplio, with its picturesque promenade, old stone houses, streets and squares, undoubtedly deserved our attention and time.

The best way to get to know a city is to simply take the time to walk around it. Nafplio is not only no exception to this rule, but also, like probably no other city, it is best suited for independent walks around the city.

The main landmark of the old town in Nefplio is Syntagma Square. This is a very large square where the Venetians kept their headquarters in the old days.

Someone will think that both the town itself and its well-groomed, nice streets are similar to Italian cities with the same pleasant streets for walking. And this comparison is not accidental. The fact is that Nafplio is very different from other cities of the Peloponnese island. This resemblance to Italian cities is due to its Venetian past. Nafplio can really be confused with some old Italian town. Even the balconies of the city are similar to Italian ones, eloquently telling about the past of this fabulous town.

In my opinion, it is these details that everyone who comes here and walks along the streets of this amazing Greek town should pay particular attention to. Of course, while walking around this lovely city, you can stop at one of its establishments. Even the most ordinary street cafes should look special here. But at this time, we got such a view

This is a surprisingly alive and modern port city, calm, slightly Greek, and at the same time somewhat Italian and slightly Turkish. Narrow streets, going up, balconies, covered with overgrowth...

There are many cafes and restaurants here that serve outdoor meals in the summer. There is a beach here, and it's very cozy. I imagine how it's quite nice to lie on the beach there, listening to the moderate sound of the surf.

But in general, Nafplio is a cozy and very pleasant city, where there is something to see and where to spend time.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but in this small sunny city, the simplest things really look special. In general, everything in Nefplio looks unusual and bright, including fruit and flower vegetation. Greece is generally a country of fruits and flowers. A piece of heaven.

I will write about famous places in Nafplio town, such as Palamidi Castle, in a separate Pinmapple post.


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Wow Nafplio is really a beautiful town as depicted by the images, you did a good job capturing the scenes. Thank you for sharing with us.

What a beautiful, charming town! It reminds me of some Spanish towns on the Mediterranean coast, but it indeed looks more like an Italian town! That Venetian influence was too strong!

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Never heard of this part of Greece until now but looks like it deserves all the walks in the world to discover everything lol!

God bless the Southern Islands of European, by the Mediterranean Sea. Always a pleasure to enjoy this kind of work...

Oh my. This wa such a lovely reminder of a trip we took to Greece a couple of years ago. We too went to Nafplio. I recognised many of the spots you photographed. We stayed in the best AirBNB ever in Xylocastro and am really hoping to go backsoon.

The environment is pretty