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I woke up today, opened my windows, and thought about how important it is to look ahead, to see far away. To get off the ground from time to time. However, at the same time, you should not be indifferent to the pain, misery, and poverty of those around you. No matter how much we would like to be strong, the most important thing for each of us is to stay with an open heart in everyday life and to see things as they are.

And if that life is given to us for such a short time, we don't want to lose a single minute, so after breakfast we got into the car and continued to look for adventures in Greece, going to an interesting place for our long walk with the whole family.

Today's destination is Kalamata city. Kalamata is the fourth-largest city in Greece. It is also the second-largest city after Patras on the Peloponnese peninsula. Kalamata is considered as the "capital of the southern Peloponnese", a city with beautiful pebble beaches, especially on its eastern side.

The beautiful ribbon road runs along the coast of the bay, on the shore of which there are cozy villages. On the way, we pass beautiful bays with beaches. Along road, there are exits to the sea and natural observation decks. We stopped for lunch at a comfortable place in the shade under the crowns of umbrellas right next to the beach.

The history of settlement in this place dates back to the times of Homer, but now Kalamata is not a metropolis, but a completely modern Greek city. We arrived in Kalamata and immediately went to the main attraction of the city - the ancient fortress. Even in the time of Homer, the city of Phare was located in this place, and the castle is located there today.

Kalamata was not an important city in Ancient Greece, as it was under the rule of Sparta. It became famous after the Fourth Crusade in 1204 when it went to the Franks. When the construction of the castle began here, the opportunity for economic growth appeared.

Then Kalamata came under the rule of the Venetians for many centuries, later the Turks, and only in 1821 was the city occupied by Greek militias. The uprising spread throughout Greece exactly from Kalamata. At the end of the 19th century, citizens constructed a port in Kalamata, and it became the key to economic prosperity for this city. However, in 1920, a period of decline began that continues to this day.

In September 1986, the city was rocked by two powerful earthquakes that claimed many lives. However, the city was quickly rebuilt.

In the parking lot in front of the fortress you can park for free, but then you have to climb up the stairs and pay 2 euros at the entrance. About halfway up the climb, there is an area where you can rest a little and see information about the history of the city and the castle. In the summer, the fortress has an open-air theater where theatrical performances and concerts take place.

At the very top of the fortress there is a fairly large flat area on which trees grow, and some ancient buildings have been preserved. From the top of the fortress, excellent panoramic views of Kalamata open in different directions; the entire city is visible at a glance.

At the foot of the hill is the central square of the city - Ipapandi, where we stopped after visiting the castle. The Cathedral is the main attraction there. Years ago, there was a church in its place; in its ruins, builders found a valuable icon of the Virgin Mary of Ipapandi, which is now kept in the cathedral.

There are also many beach hotels located on the embankment. The beaches themselves are clean, comfortable, mostly pebbles, but there are also sandy areas.

Kalamata is famous for its olive markets. It is here that tourists and locals buy the best olive oil in Greece.

We did not visit any museums there. We wanted to just slowly walk the streets of Kalamata enjoying beautiful views.

It’s good in Kalamata; the heat is not felt so much thanks to the wind and the proximity of the sea. The city is large - there is plenty of entertainment in the form of restaurants and taverns, but there are a minimum of foreign tourists for now. Only Greek speech sounded around - you relax both soul and body. But I think you won't be able to see the whole city in one go. Moreover, there is a great temptation to visit the ruins of ancient Messina located nearby.


With love, @madeirane
Photos are taken by me.
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