Wednesday Walk: Walk in the autumn forest

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Hi everybody!

Today I want to talk about a walk in the forest, which is not far from my house. I took this walk on October 23 this year.


I noticed that now the forest is mostly green. And this fact surprised me, because there is only one month left before winter! The yellow leaves of maples have already practically crumbled, and there are very few birches in the forest, so the carpet of leaves is now emerald:


I took a preview photo in the park. There are many maple trees in the park and therefore it is still golden yellow.

But the forest looks like this:



Raindrops on celandine:



Forest Lake:




There are many fallen trees in the forest, which are overgrown with moss and mushrooms:



And this is Cladonia lichen. There is something alien in it. All in all, it looks fantastic.



During a walk, I found a fly agaric. These mushrooms give me aesthetic pleasure and I am sorry that they are inedible:


And I also found these mushrooms:


It seems that these are very poisonous mushrooms! Their appearance suggests that these mushrooms should not be eaten, but it turned out that the mushroom is edible!


This is blue-green stropharia. You can eat it, but I wouldn't risk it!

After this discovery, I decided to test my mushroom intuition, but this is a topic for a separate post.

As a result, I walked a lot in the forest! Unfortunately, lately I have not always been able to walk so much, so I was pleased with the result of the walk!

Screenshot_20221023-191958_Pedometer - Step Counter.jpg

Thank you for your attention and curation! Have a good evening!


Incredible photos!
And mushrooms are generally super, I would like to see such in nature!

Thank you

such a beautiful walk love the water drops and lovely fall colors

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk

Thank you

Yay! 🤗
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beautiful photos, thank you so much for sharing, have a nice day

Lovely autumn colours! Wonderful nature, so pretty!

No more winter season photos?!
Must be too cold to go out for walks!

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Lovely forest! How about some spring updates and photos?!

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It’s almost autumn again. Perhaps you could post new photos!

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