A different walk makes life more fun

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What are we having for lunch today? I ask that many times at home, and I never get an answer, so then I think on my own and invent new recipes, mostly nameless. Because you take a little of this, a little of that and make a mix that is ultimately food. Delicious - in most cases. I guess that's how my post from yesterday was created, with the same methodology, everything was mixed, but in the end, an "edible" fusion was obtained, to which @palomap3 replied:

Only you can mix hyacinth bulbs, a composer and chocolate in the same publication.

Well, if she said that yesterday, I wonder what she and others will say about today's mix... we will see ducks, a botanical garden, a musical kiosk, some street art and a bar called piano.

Que tinguem sort - oops, that's a song I have to learn to play the piano part for today's rehearsal, but let's not deviate from the topic. So, may we be lucky, all of us in today's Wednesday Walk post!


As you see, the starting point of this walk is the Botanical Garden, located in Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta, in Zaragoza. We already met this park, and some time ago I also talked about the painted benches that can be found there.

Today we pay more attention to the fauna of the little Botanical Garden - ducks.

They also walked around the puddles as it was not possible to swim in that quantity of water. At least we can say that these ducks perfectly match the purpose of this post. To walk. Apart from ducks, we see a pigeon in the background... which is again a match as we had the real Paloma with us during this walk!




Oh, that white duck from the last photo had a quick pace, he didn't want just to stroll. He was serious in this walking thing, and so were we too. We left behind the little Botanical Garden and passed by El Quiosco de la música - which would be The music kiosk in English. It was constructed more than a hundred years ago. How pretty it is!



Let's see the new ingredient in this walking post. Public transportation. We took this tram to go to the city centre and look around there, have lunch etc. I prefer the tram over the buses, as it is so much easier to follow its route. I think it's impossible to get lost when you take a tram... and you know which station to get off at. 😂


A question to those who are not from Zaragoza. Do you know what is called the building we see in this photo? It has an official name, but the locals gave it a different nickname... that is what I am referring to in my question...


Already close to the city centre, in the narrow streets I saw a few interesting venues. Is it a bar or club, I don't know, it was closed. But you see the reason why it caught my attention. PIANO.

Don't ask me why that LA LA part 😂


Cool messages here. Some of them say:

Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but I get bored and I go back to being me.

Different people make life more fun

I think I will modify this message and call this Wednesday walk post in a similar way ;)


Corto Maltese.


When we arrived at the part of the city (El Tubo de Zaragoza) where we had lunch, I took these photos of drawings on the walls. They are not spectacular, however, this mural with the girl and houses for sale emerging from her hair probably has a deeper meaning to the citizens of Zaragoza.

A group of passers-by also liked the walls and they asked me to take a photo of them, with the murals in the background. No worries, I just hope they were satisfied with their photos later.

As I am not a photographer. I am just someone who mixed now different ingredients in this walk and of course, had fun while doing it.



Nice trip and experience...I finally knows more about Zaragoza... thanks for sharing

There are still hidden corners that this city hides.
We are all discovering them together ;)

Hello dear friend @mipiano good morning

I love multi-format posts, where we can see a little of everything, especially if it is a virtual walk

I loved the route of this walk, it was great to start at the botanical garden seeing the shots of the ducks, and end up seeing beautiful works of street art

Thank you very much for this Wednesday walk

Yes, a little bit of everything, hopefully, we don't get lost. The ducks were confident there, in their Botanical Garde!

Happy Wednesday you too! 😇

indeed such a mix in your opost but so cool to see and read, that music area looks os charming

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)
Have a great day :)

It was more fun for me, and fingers crossed the readers also got some nice moments here! Thank you, @tattoodjay, and happy Wednesday ;)

I think it's a fantastic way to enjoy life through these great walks. A great way to let your imagination and creativity run wild.

***Thank you very much dear @mipiano for sharing such nice publications!

Welcome with warm and affectionate greetings!

That is true. Sometimes I don't have time to walk, but if we visit a new place then I always try to see the most of it. 😉

All of your photos are amaziing. Also it is a great journey

Thanks 🌼

Beautiful photographs.

Thank you 🌸

Paseo divertido y colorido este, Caesaraugusta.

Coso 33, Puerta Cinegia 🤷🏻‍♀️

Buen día, he comido tantos dulces. 😄

Coso 33, Puerta Cinegia

Sí, esto es su nombre oficial y la dirección, pero yo preguntaba por el apodo que los habitantes de Zaragoza pusieron a este edificio :D

Un poco de ayuda -¿a qué se parece?

Buen día, he comido tantos dulces. 😄

Buen día, espero los dulces han sido... dulces? 😂

a un tetris ;) Ni idea. Suéltalo ya.

Yo no sé había cosas en forma de huevo frito.

Código de barras 😂

oh, verdad que sí jajaja... 🤣

¡Oye lo de Tetris me gusta!

Lo que pasa es que está muy rígido jajaja... Y todo son barras cayendo. Una parte del juego un poco dramática 😂

Really beautiful post, as always, congratulations 🙋🙋🙋

Thank you @lindoro
It was a nice, sunny day, we enjoyed the walk there! 😉

I love botanical gardens... nature in general and your walk has so much art that I fell in love with those last works, how wonderful. Thank you very much, I loved it!😍

Nature and art, a bit of music too. Isn't Zaragoza nice? 🤓

Yes it really is a beauty and those murals... how beautiful!😍

You really had a nice walk to the place
I love those artworks too
They look very beautiful

Thanks, the say was nice, so the walk was the same ;)

Do you have a Caldosa I'm Spain?

That is a kind of soup that we make or used to make here , where we can put a lot of different ingredients but at the end it's delicious, so you kind of make a Caldosa of different things 😁😂
It's a pity the bar was closed, we wanted see you dance there 😁😂 as the poster say dance or die 😅😂😂
Gracias por el paseo señorita Mipiano de los jardines y las caldosas 😂😂

No sé esto de caldosa muy bien 😅 pero sí, parece que yo hago caldosa aquí con los posts 🤣 así que el nuevo apodo encaja 😂

It's a pity the bar was closed, we wanted see you dance there 😁😂

Lucky me 😁

You did it again! 😂

Paloma sóplame la respuesta esta del edificio Cinegia. 😂

pues nada... ya la sé. 😂

Oye, no vale si te lo dice. ¿Yo tengo que vigilar aquí, como en una clase cuando se escribe un examen? 😂

Y bueno, ya puse la respuesta jaja

😅 tuve la respuesta delante todo el tiempo pero me quedé dormida. Vi el link del Récord Guinness y no lo abrí.

este link?

yeap, señorita.

Como diría Paloma, es el humor somarda - humor típico aragonés!

Lo de tetris tampoco está mal, lo qu tú dijiste. Se parece a esto también :)

Esa página es genial, sacan humor de las cosas de Aragón. Cuidado con fiarse de todo lo que pone ahí. 😂

Sí, es otro del humor aragonés ;)

He leído unas otras noticias también 😂

Yes, I did it 😂

I liked everything about your walk, the murals, the buildings, the ducks, the streetcar, but what caught my attention most were the phrases. You are above all: "Forgive and forget, Share and give, Do it today, do it now. Well, that's what I always do and it would be nice if many people would read it but do it. Although in general they are all very good. And finally, To be radiant smile, without stopping.
Very nice your post. Thank you.🤗😁😁😁😁🥰

Yes, those messages, the phrases, were great, I loved them too. ;)
I wish you Mamani to be radiant today, like every day and smile a lot!! 😇

Very colorful post, animals, means of transportation, architecture, street art, music, a little bit of everything, mixed with a good writing and sense of humor. Thanks for taking us for a walk, this time, through the streets of Zaragoza. 🤗

Pumarte said the mix was like Caldosa 😃 {oh no, we are again talking about food 🤦‍♀😂}

Jajajajaja y lo rica que es la caldosa!!!!!

A truly gorgeous Botanic Garden! It reminds me to the one I have in my hometown. Lovely, full of green landscapes and nature. Just perfect your pics, dear friend.

Very nice photos and a nice post. good to know different places with different attractions. Thanks for sharing. :)

Interesting post of a nice little stroll, something for everyone!, got to love the architecture and street art that panda is damn good!