Beautifying the External

Wednesday walk along Mobolaji Bank Anthony Ikeja. It is of no doubt that this very environment is always kept clean at all time. This bridge is one of the route to the airport. I believe that is why the level of it being kept clean at all time is a top priority.
The flowers are

Most countries do this even some house owners. While the entrance is beautified and clean the inside is unkept and dirty. That is the case of this region. Some houses do this. Even some people too. They wear makeup and put on beautiful dress while their underwear is unclean or they have beautiful faces and dirty mind.

We can have a beautiful environment by also beautiful the core of the city rather than just the entrance. We can be good people if we have a good heart and not just portray external beauty without core values.


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The plants look lovely !

They were selected to beautify, thanks for noticing.