The VaL Day Spent well

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Today is the 14th day of February 2024, and as many people know that it is "Yay!!", the St Valentine's day. It is no more news that the Valentine's day is the day known significantly for love sharing. At the same time it is the Ash Wednesday. To be very candid I and my significant other, we choose today to not be a no pressured day. This is basically because of the economic instability in the country and the current inflation rate.

Just to Cool off during this very day

To mark the St Valentine's day, we chose to spend some time at the beach, this is nothing special though, however as we are currently experiencing a very harsh and hot temperature here in Nigeria that ranges between 34 to 40 Degrees Centigrade. To enjoy the coolness that the beach breeze gives is very imortant at this very moment

The gathering of the tech team

Again, I am sharing my #WednesdayWalk by @detlev to be about the gathering of collogues just to be together and share a few drinks, this is to share love amongst ourselves. We chose to do this just to show one another that every member of our tech team is very much valuable and we love and appreciate each other with the highest level of respect. It is a day for love and being with collogues is another sweet type of sensation since we spend most hours of the day together.


Great. Happy St Valentine's day!

I wish you the same

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Have a great day :)