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Thursday, April 27 was Koningsdag (King's Day) in the Netherlands, a National Holiday celebrating the birthday of the reigning monarch in the kingdom. Though some in Suriname (a Republican country, where I'm from) celebrate this day - because of the small Dutch population in Suriname or either just for the fun of it - most don't. As I fall in the last category, this years King's Day is a first for me.


An aunt who has lived here for quite some time, prepared us for what to expect: vrije markt (free market) - where citizens sell used items at a reduced price - parades, performances, games and the royal family visiting a village or city in the Netherlands. This time Rotterdam was honored by their visit.


We started with a morning stroll through the town we live in, to see and experience what it had to offer. The free market was in full swing and we saw music boots and beer taps being set up for later in the day and evening. We then proceeded to Amsterdamse Poort in the Bijlmermeer, where a variety of people with different ethnicities reside(d), mainly from Suriname, the Dutch Antilles, etcetera.



The mood there was festive and bustling, with a live Gospel band performing, sellers and citizens alike selling food, drinks, (used) clothing, produce, toys and anything one could think of. The smell of barbecue and Surinamese cuisine teased my senses and I immediately fancied a good old charcoaled grilled chicken leg and satay (grilled skewered meat).





After seeing all there was to see, we ventured our way to Vondelpark, where there was much of the same: games, free market, food vendors and people enjoying themselves. We did see more of the (in)famous oranjegekte or oranjekoorts (literally: orange craze or orange fever), with people in orange hats, shirts, wigs, you name it. As it was a sunny day people also used the opportunity to picknick in the park and enjoy some music in good company and cold beverages.




Because of the size of Vondelpark (47 ha or 70 acres) we weren't able to see it all and were tired of walking and also felt hungry, so we decided to make our way to another part of Amsterdam. It was almost evening, so most people there either already cleared their "selling stations" or were in the middle of it. There was also a barbecue stand there, but the line was long and it turned out that they just put a batch of meat on the grill. There was no line at the Surinamese type of sausage sellers, so we bought his last batch.

With our snack in tow we left and went to find something more filling to eat and we plan to experience more of the party vibes next year. Ever celebrated King's Day or something similar? Let me know in the comments below or better yet in your very own Wednesday Walk post πŸ€“.

Chasse into the backstage! πŸ’ƒ

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Looks like a fun and popular day well celebrated there

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk, its my pleasure to host it and see all the posts each week from all around the world, including yours, if you have time visit some of the other walks this week there are so many interesting ones

Yeah, do my best to read as much Wednesday Walks as possible πŸ‘.

I like Holland very much, I love to see pictures of that country, I dream of going there one day and visiting the house where Anne Frank and her family lived. I hope you had fun during the holiday. Nice pics πŸ˜‰

It was a fun and interesting and full day 😊.

Oh yes, the Anne Frank museum is on my must-visit-list. Haven't had the time to visit museums yet though, but definitely planning on those.

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