Wednesday walk Breakfast under the gray sky

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After two weeks of extreme heat every morning, today finally dawned with good weather, the perfect weather to go have some good "Pabellón empanadas for breakfast.


I decided to go out for breakfast in a place that is very close to my house, so I go with simple sandals on, letting my feet breathe a little.


This particular morning was one of my favorites in the last few days, the weather was perfect, a little cloudy, soft and cool breeze


The vegetation in my urbanism definitely appreciates that we finally have even one day without so much heat in the morning.

The grass is at its greenest, the pine trees are growing and in Venezuela we are in mango season so these trees are starting to bear fruit.



The sky with gray tones and sauces to accompany breakfast.



The most interesting thing about these empanadas is that they are very complete, since they are "Pabellon", a recipe from my country that is prepared with marinated meat, black beans, and fried banano. All this inside two delicious empanadas, which are prepared with corn flour, a dough is made and then all the filling is added, finally they go to the pan with oil. However, the best of all is the price. There are 2 empanadas and a juice (oatmeal in this case) for 0.95$ which is a crazy price if you think about it carefully.


Once I finished my breakfast I returned home, when I arrived Isis welcomed me as she always does when I go out.

Whenever you have the opportunity to take advantage of a morning like this, do it, you won't regret it


glad you got a cooler day and a nice walk in

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Nice walk!


Great post my hivefriend, don't stop sharing us good content like this. Greetings and blessings.