Crazy Little Planet ! 3D Artwork !

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Hello #hive @onchainart

Another Day and another 3D post creating something from my head about the world and how crazy and busy it is everywhere ! keeping us distracted from killing mother nature and trees to build more communities and houses on top of green land..


Crazy Little Plant ! is the name of this piece, After couple of brain storming sessions and looking through references the idea came to me while i am having my second vodka glass, Why not create a chocolate sphere ! crazy right ??


After i made my sphere, The second though hit me is how to make is busy with details at the same time i find a space for all these details to be there, And my biggest worries was how i can make all these elements mix together and be all visible to the eye.

I have to made sure all size proportion are correct and nothing is bigger than the other so all my elements can fit perfectly into the scene and the rest was history :)






~ Let me know which part of this small world is your favorite ♥️ ~

                                          software used :
                                      Maya / Arnold / Nuke

For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

ddffif154abbf40c6424bccbcff6d05b98bc8f5 1.jpg



Wonderful...first, I want to eat the whole world coz it is made up of chocolate...😀 Can't call it as my favorite but I concern...the birds and deforestation...tells a lot, awesome, and my favorite is the truck on the signal and fenced guards nearby...that is the masterpiece 👍

thank you soo much my friend :) , its a small tasty world ! 😋

i am glad you liked it :) , yea i know there is many angels to look at through the whole image, each side can tell a story but we all gotta see the whole big picture :)

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WOW. So much detail. Really loving it! And it's awesome to see quality 3D work here!

thank you soo much ♥️ really happy you liked it 😀

This provoked some deep thought ... and the strong desire to go make hot cocoa...

hehe thats the idea :P you have no idea how much chocolate i ate while making this hehehe 😅

That looks so cool, well done!

Thank you soo much ❤ :) glad you liked it

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As you do XD

HAve you seen the Cadbury "wouldn't it be nice" ads? XD

hahaha i just saw some !!! no way hahah they look super similar ! 😀