Cubes | キューブ

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Hello #hive @onchainart ! , Being an architecture designer at some point of my life was kinda fun, Always got the change to create people's homes and life style, And part of dealing with rich people is for sure they love crazy house ideas, So as an artist this gives you plenty of creativity to explore and execute new ideas.

For this project I used to show simplicity in design, Since modeling was not my strongest tool, So i used what i go, I created couple of cubes and laid them around in artistic shape, One I got my layout all ready i started adding the wood texture for a modern feel, As most houses use concrete, So why not try something new :)


  • Breakdown

These are my basic renders coming out from Maya,Color / Zdepth / Occlusion / Windows ID





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For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

ddffif1-54abbf40-c642-4bcc-bcff-6d05b98bc8f5 (1).jpg


Interesting house design! Though the non-squared cubes are triggering my ocd some XD

Hope they don't have termite problems where they live, I love the look of wood but after having some of my house eaten by termites, as much as I hate pesticides and things I'm like treat everything with anti-termite stuff x_x

hehe yaaa thats the scary part :P , but what we can do is build concrete walls and use wood wallpaper as texture haha, This might confuse the ants aswell :D

Wood wallpaper just isn't the same XD

hahah, we gotta feel it !, Also i like more wooden house's but ya the maintenance will be crazy

I love the way you got the lights to hit the facade, what a great job.

Thanks ! :) , Ya i have to make it interesting to show the cubes in a better way

great job 🙂.