Door Step, CGI Artwork !

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Hello #hive @onchainart , Sharing another vintage piece :), After finding a photo online, I got hooked immediately, And wanted to re create it in a more lively way.



It started when I was going through traveling photos, I Came across this photo taken in an old neighborhood, Got me inspired to to re create some elements and add in few greenery to the scene


  • 3D Model

I kept my models simple, A blank simple wall with few elements layed out, Adding the flowers and the plants was the fun part, I used the Maya paing FX to create them


  • LookDev Stage

After setting up my elements i was trying few lights and colors, Having white ish flowers would make them blend with the wall, So once the color changed to red it helped bring them out more.


Magazine Feature

I was super happy when 3D Artist magazine decided to feature me on its issue ! This was one of my first magazine published works, Which motived me to create more artworks and get published more and more :)




MAYA | Mental Ray | Photoshop

For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

ddffif1-54abbf40-c642-4bcc-bcff-6d05b98bc8f5 (1).jpg


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thank you soo much :) @qurator

I thought this looked familiar, was pretty sure I've seen that photo before and possibly seen the magazine cover before too maybe (though I don't know if I saw it somewhere or saw it one of the times you were showing it if you've shown it before).

Your version looks like a pretty little movie set XD

hehe thanks my friend :) , Maybe u saw it on my artstation ? or maybe deviant art ?

Possibly, I don't think I'm following you on AS which is easy enough fixed assuminmg I remember to actually do it XD

heheh no worries :) we all here now !