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Hello #hive @onchainart , Having early Halloween vibes this year, Since everything is going crazy so why not celebrate Halloween in April !

I have created this opening for a feature film project while working at LaniPixels, We were working on the next feature film for the company, But while going through the lookdev stage i have created a simple opening scene to give an idea about the project .


  • The Intro shot

I have used Maya to create this shot, A basic camera movement from top to bottom then a slow ban to the house, For the lighting i have kept a cold theme overall for a spooky look, Then a slight warm lights coming from the house to create a balance for the whole sequence

  • Renders

Here some snap shops of the sequence, I will be posting more shots later on :)






  • Camera Layout and Grass LookDev


Maya | Arnold | Fusion

For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo


ddffif1-54abbf40-c642-4bcc-bcff-6d05b98bc8f5 (1).jpg


 8 days ago 

thank you <3

You're very welcome! @ahmadturki

It's really great.I like the way to use of camera frame and useing lights very much.
l very beginner at digitalart.These things help me to learn new things.

 8 days ago 

thank you very much my friend :) , i am glad i could help you :) anything you need feel free to ask !

l'm very glad to know.recently l started work on digitally.
There is really a lot to learn from wise people like you.

 7 days ago 

:) anything i am happy to help !

that's some pretty smooth animation 😃 got me curious on how the overall story goes!

 8 days ago 

oo thanksss buddy ! glad you liked it :) i will be posting later parts pretty soon ! :D

impresionante trabajo.

 8 days ago 

Gracias mi amigo :)

It is truly magnificent. I like how everything fits together. The music + the snow from the beginning that gives a feeling of mystery and the bird appears in search of the moon. The moon gives it much more mystery and magic.

And then the children approaching the house cautious, in the middle of the night like hansel and gretel. Transmits the magic to you

 7 days ago 

thank you soo much ! i am happy you liked it :D , hehe yaeh i do agree that every small details matters in the CGI works, Adding more value to the overall look and feel :)

Well you can watch Halloween themed movies (because they just count as horror movies then) whenever you want so I don't really see a problem here ;D

I'd normally be a bit concerned about that bird as they shouldn't be losing feathers while they're flying but seeing as it seems to be made of snow or glitter and magic I guess something just got knocked loose XD

Nice hooky opening :)

 7 days ago 

haha, It is always fun for me to watch horror movies ! hehe thats a creepy bird flying night time :P

Absolutely fantastic! This is awesome!

 6 days ago 

thank you soo much :) , happy you liked it !

Woah my!!! This looks straight out of a Disney film owo

Halloween in April... Yeah, I don't see anything wrong >u<

 6 days ago 

hehe thank you thank you <3 really appreciate it :D , hehe i dont mind having Halloween evereyday hahah !

btw i follow u on artstation :P

 3 days ago 

What do you mean "simple"? :D
This is so incredible!

 3 days ago 

thank u soo much buddy :D , Simple could have many meanings :P