A dreamy pool : a Blender render

A dream backyard pool scene built in Blender 2.8, completely from scratch.

Here is the render:

As much as I love swimming I also dream sometimes about a nice big swimming in my dream home, maybe some time in the future. So this is a concept I had in mind. Also notice the small mini bar setup on the right. Yeah why not, after all it is a dream.

Most objects in this scene are easy to build as it is low poly

I started out with this 2D plan I made in paint.
May look similar to Alien crop circles but fear not

And then using that to build 3D geometry by adding in cubes and loop cuts.

The lighting setup was very quickly done, no matter how much time I put in to it, I never get the lighting right.

Anyway the part where I had to play around was the pool water setup. After watching some tutorials on how to set it up to get a nice pool water effect. I would like to share the same to you. The effect is made in the materials in the shading tab.

If you notice that some of these nodes are not available for you, go into edit > preferences and select the add ons. This will enable you to get it in the node editor.



Lighting can be pretty hard to get right :) It's knowing where to put the lights, how many to use outside of the actual working lights in the scene, what intensity to set them at, if they need patterns on them, and also they look completely different in Eevee and Cycles (or at least the one I'm using in one of my current subprojects is XD).

Sometimes you need a lot more lights than you think you will. Along with any actual lightbulbs in the scene that you'd obviously add lights for like you've done here, sometimes you need a sun or moon lamp, and sometimes even that's not enough and you need area lights that cast colour and contribute to radiosity but not shadow to get the correct colour for the ambient light/atmosphere. Generally, it's a pain in the arse and will usually take some time to get right, so don't feel bad if it takes a while :)

Thanks for the support 😄

which software did u use? Can you give some more details.

Hi, sure

The name of the software is Blender and it is free, use the 2.8 version that is the latest !


Thank you so much.