Tea Time with the Flowers

in OnChainArt2 years ago (edited)

Somewhere in the fruit-i-verse there is a lime infused lake and every once in a full moon something magical happens there…

When the limoon rises ripe and full, surrounded by all the fruity starberries in the sky, its juices rain down and mix in with the lake water, giving that perfect hint of lime for all who taste. The neon light of the limoon washes over the trees and awakens the creatures of the woods to come and gather together by the shores of this wondrous lake… for a cup of tea!

Dip your kettle in the lake, add a little coconut and voila! Lime in the coconut tea time!

This tea time is the best
For its brings all out who usually contest
to be together, away from their nests.

Clinking, clanking, cheers galore
It's a party on the forest floor!

For just one night, no one will fight
it will be such a delight
and quite a sight
to see such magical creatures tonight.

original art and poetry by me

flowers SMALL.jpg



My God what a beautiful writing, I was reading and my imagination was looking for a way to recreate each word of the text, until I get to that beautiful and incredible drawing, thank you for such beautiful art.

awww thank you very much for your kind words. It warms my heart! And thank you for the repost and support! <3 Have a beautiful day!

I really like the concepts and creativity here! =) Keep up the great art!

This is so weird and surreal and Alice in Wonderland and the perspective is so wonkered and it makes so much sense at the same time. It's great XD

hahahah thanks! my perspectives usually seems a lil wonky, but always seems to work out visually still, I enjoy it not being perfect; it fits my style well :) Def a lil Alice inspiration in there with my own twists. That movie was a big fav of mine to watch when I was little, I always loved the forest scenes with all the "punny" creatures (like bread and butterfly etc) and its def inspired my own pun fun with creatures in my art.

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