Cyclopian Infatuations

in OnChainArt5 months ago

This artwork was scanned over a year ago and is probably the best example of the metallic aspects of some of the mediums translating to the digital copy. I will mint and offer up a limited run of these on the NFT ShowRoom for sale.

20180819 RED RIVERS nobg black 2.png

You really have to zoom in as far as you can to see the metallic sheen as well as the details that go unnoticed by the naked eye. There are quite a few things hidden within this piece. I hope you enjoy visually scavenging the artwork to find them.

20180819 RED RIVERS nobg invert.png

I did have to clean up the edges, remove text, and digitally alter and finish some of the areas of this art to consider it as close to finished as it's going to get at this point. For some reason, this one was calling on me to further it's development and purposes. I look forward to seeing what this thing will be when it's completed. Keep an eye out.....

“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.”

– Jackson Pollock


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