Under the sea

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I've always been fascinated by the sea life. A simple shell... If you take a closer look at it you start to wonder: from where all of these beautiful colours and patterns come? A star fish is also a like a work of art. Can you imagine what could be deep down in the ocean, in the places where humans haven't yet managed to reach?


In this make-up I was thinking precisely at that. At all the myths we created around the sea. The mermaids. Oh how we all loved Ariel and her little crab friend. I remember watching those cartoons with them and I loved it. The vibrant colours, the alluring idea of an underwater world. As a child I was always drawn by the fantasy worlds, by the possibilities outside of our normal range.


With the right imagination and vision we can stand in awe in front of the ocean. We managed to get medicine from it, food, decorations, resources. This vast puddle of water is filled with mystery and that makes it so unique.



Have a fantastic day and toodle loo!

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Love this! one of my daughters was convinced she was a siren, for years! hahaha. She hasn't mentioned in a while, I think she's growing old. But she still sings Under de sea when she's playing around, hahaha.
Beautiful, as always.

Hey Alejandra! Thank you so much for your nice words! I think we all had I-wish-to-be-a-mermaid-moment hahha. We must admit they are so colorful and the idea of being able to swim so much....See, this is the beauty of having children I guess, you can witness their dreamy playful attitude and it really makes you smile.

I love the under the sea song hahahaha, once in while when it pops into my head I mumble it too😂😂 I am a big kid sometimes and I'm proud of it.

Under the sea....

Have a great weekend ahead and greetings!



So true, it's a nice fantasy, and I enjoy playing with them. Sometimes I talk about fantasies as if they were real, and it just so nice. It's some kind of magic.
These days I've been singing a Under the sea while cooking haha

Hahahha awesome, it's cool to brighten up the atmosphere in the house with singing!

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niceee, how long did it take you to put this on?

Hey! Around 2 hours. It was fun to do, the seashells in my hair were harder to put to stay.

Always creative, Bravo! Keep going.

Thank you very much! Have a great week!