The ant. Pointillism drawing

This is my latest drawing. Realized with a 0.1 mm rotring isograph, it is a realistic illustration of an ant.




This took me 12 hours to make and I must tell you that it felt like time flied when doing this. I find it amazingly relaxing to do stippling art.



I used the high resolution version of this drawing to upload items in my teespring shop and I love how my art looks on clothing.

560 (2).jpg

560 (1).jpg


The world of insects is beautiful and I believe we all should admire the complexity of the creatures around us.




Behind the drawing process

Original drawing for sale here

My teespring shop

Have a lovely day and toodle loo!

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I must tell you that it felt like time flied when doing this

You mean to say time anted? ;<)
It sure looks amazing on clothing and it seems you like are entering a state of flow when you do this. Awesome!

Enjoy your week


Yes, exactly, a state of flow😍😍 Thank you Vincent🤗

I think there's a competition here...Count the dots. I'll throw some hive into the prize pool.

Hahaha, actually I thought about it. I wish I would have a device for counting the dots. Just to satisfy my ocd curiosity lol.

I'd give it a go counting them for you...But I can't find my reading glasses so won't be much good at it right now. :)

Hehehe no worries, the dots ain't leaving nowhere

Absolutely extraordinary. Ants are my animal of the week - long story. Your drawing is fabulous. xx

Hey! Thank you very much! Animal of the week? I'd love to hear the story of that. The world of insects is fascinating and I like to depict it in my drawings.

I'll try to get a post together!! It's a loose theme that's coming together - it might be gone by the time the next animal comes along!

Awesome! You know, when a good idea pops in, you better grab it by the feet or else it will run pretty fast haha

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It works fine on Peakd though. Just checked. Weird.

Yes it worked on peakd. I think it was a glitch

Ahhh ants! Nice drawing. We have so many ants here at our new place. They come marching in, and not one by one! 🤣

It's so weird but I can't view your posts on Ecency. It shows the feature image from the feed, but nothing except the comments when I open your posts.

Someone got hold of your Steem account? I wonder if that has something to do with it?

Thank you for appreciating! Hm you can't see the posts, that is weird...

I never had a Steem account but I was informed that someone is pretending to be me on Steem, stealing my identity practically. I can't do anything about it as I have no account on Steem. I take envy as a form of admiration though

Cool... I like this ant work 👌😊👌👌

Thank you very much!

This is beautiful, I love your drawing..

Hey! Thank you!

This is amazing. I love your work!

Thank you for appreciating this!

hlw my old friend.
l love your Ballpen work all time.

A complete and very beautiful publication, full of learning.
Thank you @creativemary

Maravilloso, siempre quedo impresionado con el nivel de detalles.

What a beautiful art! You are one of the gifted artists here on Hive and I am truly amazed at the medium used to make this art. Right on!

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

Wow!! This is so perfect. How do you do it?

Hey! Thank you! With a lot of patience. I bring it to life slowly dot by dot. I take my time and pay a lot of attention to details. It is a matter of practice and dedication.

You jace a lot of patience!! Thay's awesome

Hey! Thank you very much! I am indeed very patient when creating art

It was very charming, I am very surprised.😱

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