Scarlet O'Hara ( 6 fanart Challenge) -3-

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Another character added to the 6 fanart challenge, this is Scarlet O'Hara a charismatic protagonist in Margaret 1960s novel "Gone with the wind" portrayed by Vivian Leight Hope you like it and enjoy the draw process :)

Final result

Sin título1.png


Made Usign krita free software

Thanks for support me and have a nice day :)


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I loved Scarlet, such a fantastic movie😊Glad to see she is not forgotten

well this could be a good tribute for her ❤️ :)

Manually curated by EwkaW from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for support me!! @qurator

WOW. a great digital drawing. congratulations..

Always working hard, thanks for appreciate my post :)

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