I drew again and I liked it.

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The other day, I drew again and I liked it. It's something I'd started a long time ago but never really got to get any progress on, much less get close to completing.

My niece @itsgabbie is in the Philippines, and I wanted to draw with her. I wasn't able to do so, but at least I was able to get started with this again.

This artwork is based off this Pinterest post. I felt a little proud of how amazed my nephews and niece were when they saw me working on this.

"It looks so realistic!" said Little Man.

"Whoaa!" exclaimed Little Miss.

"It was just a sketch a while ago!" said Kuya.

What a huge boost of confidence from these three kids. 🧡 I kind of had trouble maintaining my focus and drive, but I thankfully got through it! The accessories were challenging -- I didn't want to overdo them, but I also didn't want to just let them be oversimplified.

Here's how the progress went:

I don't think I've been mentioning it lately, as I always just only assumed people knew what I use, but this one's done on Medibang Paint on Android. I've been thinking a lot about what other alternatives I can use. Of course, I still love Medibang and it serves as my go-to application, but any others you can suggest?

I've tried Ibis Paint, Clip Studio Paint, and Sketchbook. Any others you think I might enjoy trying? I'm on Android, so Procreate is out of the question. :)


this is the first time i didn't use subtitles. i just wrote so directly, i don't even know what direction i'm trying to achieve. i'll probably get back to my usual template next time. for now, see you around!


hello erang ~ as always ang galing mo mag digital , idol tlga

@cloflo this drawing looks like you, pretty~

I'm shoooookt. She does except she's prettier and got a smaller face. hahahaha.

It is a lovely portrait, the jewels enhance the beauty of her face. I love your coloring technique!

Good to see you back here. You still got it even after taking a long break because your art looks great 🤩.

Wow this is so nice 👍

I really love your work 😍

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