I practiced mindfulness, then found the energy to draw.

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Feeling the energy

I have been participating in pod coaching sessions for professional and personal development for two months now. Basically, each session has four participants aside from the coach, and everything discussed is confidential. I can share something, though --- I've been working on mindfulness, and our coach has been plenty helpful.

Today, I took the time to observe myself: how is my body? How are my emotions at the moment? What do my surroundings look like? What are the sounds I can hear? Then deep breaths. Then repeat.

I love how it instantly calms me. While my brain is always in overdrive, doing mindful exercises creates a huge avenue for me to press on the brakes, relax, and release tension from my body. It helped --- I got extra energy to do things I like. Finally.

So I drew.

What is it that I like the most? Except reading, watching documentaries, and binging on anime, I really love to draw... if it isn't already obvious from my posts in the past few years.

I started a sketch last night, and today, I continued it. This drawing is based on this Pinterest photo. I thought it would be simple enough to draw, but has details enough to grab my attention.

I ended up botching the eyes, though. 😅 It wasn't until I have adjusted the colors that I decided I should at least try to fix it. So glad I did. I would've mentally kicked myself for the rest of the week had I not even poured in effort to do fixing.

I personally really enjoyed doing the part in her hair! I normally dread painting stuff like that, because I couldn't make it look the way I wanted it to. But for some reason, I liked it here!

Here's a quick GIF of the progress shots.

It's become apparent how I belatedly tried to adjust the right eye toward the end. 😆


It's a Saturday in my side of the world, and when I woke up, I didn't realize it was weekend. I went on my usual routine --- took a morning bath at 6, cooked and had breakfast by 7, then checked my work emails. I was a few messages in when I realized that I shouldn't be doing work in the first place. 🤦‍♀️

So I did some chores and worked on requirements from school. By the time I came to again, it was over an hour and a half past noon and I had missed lunch. 😬 Ate lunch, did my mindfulness exercises, then decided I wanted to draw. So I did. Glad I did.

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You've been pretty out of it today 😂 but at least you still managed to get work done and some art done since this one looks pretty good for a few hours drawing

 2 months ago  

i knoooow!!! 🤣 so glad i don't have to go out today. i'm not sure how klutzy i'd get given my state earlier today. 😆

You need a day off just to get your head together 🤣

Omg! I thought it was a photograph!
It really looks fantastic on you.
Excellent work✨🌸

 2 months ago  

yaaay! 🙈 thank you so much! 🧡

I think you picked a good image to draw, I like the pose, it keeps the focus on the face, plus it's fun. I hope you continue drawing in the week!

 2 months ago  

thank you so much! ♥ i hope to be able to draw again soon, and maintain this drive.

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Amazing I love it

 2 months ago  

thank you so much! ♥

AMazing, I really really love this.. ❤️

 2 months ago  

thank you very much! 🥳

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