I'm never gonna look back. Or not.

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In today's drawing, I once again try to unlearn drawing on a smaller screen and into the Tab S7 FE's much, much bigger screen. I have always considered creating a commentary video about the experience so far, but haven't really got to do it. (In the first place, it's going to be incredibly difficult to record a commentary here at home; the cars passing by outside can be heard all over the house.) So for now, I'm going to share a timelapse video, as is usual, of today's drawing process.

The Drawing

I call today's drawing "Never gonna look back" because while I was looking for a free audio to use in the timelapse video, I found one that had lyrics and the "never gonna look back" just kind of stuck.

I found quite a lot of interesting references on Pinterest, but I chose to do one that looked simple enough to draw. As usual, the simpler it looks, the harder it is for me to actually illustrate. I honestly don't understand why!

I usually would clean my sketch and detail it so I could easily paint, but I felt oddly (albeit over-) confident that I started painting on top of a sloppy sketch. Never again. LOL. I'll consider that practice tho. It cuts a lot of time for me.

The Timelapse video

Remember 0416

It is, once again, April 16th. And while I may not be related to anyone of the victims directly, the whole Sewol Ferry tragedy has struck me differently, so I'll remember.

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ohhhh lovely. i love the hair and flowers.

have a lovrly day.


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