Sometimes, I draw even when work is piling up.

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Sometimes, I draw even when work is piling up.

And then I'll regret it after, and virtually cry in a corner. I couldn't cry, though, because it was my choice to procrastinate and choose to do something else instead.

This week, like the last two weeks before this, had been extremely tiring. My schedule was overflowing. All I wanted was to ignore my calendar and just watch anime (have you seen Spy x Family yet?). And maybe read manwha and manga on the sides. I'd choose to do this than drown myself with work.

Of course, every time I choose something else over work, I start to regret. But what can I say? I have a very short attention span, and I am starting to refuse to stress myself.

So last Friday, I drew.

I mean, of course I did work the whole morning. I was even able to tap onto the help of my colleagues and friends from my former work (@debilog and @charlocked) with regards to something that had been seriously blocking my progress (which was also their expertise, by the way). During the afternoon, I was in a webinar. And while normally I am able to multi-task during a webinar and do some work, I just chose to chill that afternoon and drew this one.

I found the reference from Pinterest as usual and thought, "OMG, she's so pretty!" Almost naturally, every time I see something pretty, I end up drawing them. So I did. (Makes me wonder if I'll ever draw a man soon... this line of thought just made me consider. Hmmm.)

I wanted to make this as detailed as I possibly could, so I definitely tried my best on this one. I think I drew the hand weird, but to my defense, the reference hand was difficult to imagine.

For someone as listless as myself, the effort I put in here is extraordinary. I'm not even kidding. I tried to be patient even when I am naturally impatient and tried to be more meticulous even when I oftentimes just couldn't care less.

And because of that, I am more confident sharing some zoom ins!

Before I end this post, here are the progress shots in a GIF! (ended up using this instead of the timelapse feature of medibang. 😆)
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Damn! This is an outstanding piece. What a great effort.

Stunning work. It's more than a drawing as the colors, shading and details all work together so wonderfully.

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This is wonderful! What brushes do you use? They leave such a soft feel and seems to blend seemlessly.



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Always creative and putting in the effort. Congrats, @erangvee.


Amazing artwork! 😍

Awesome work, @erangvee! Same here. I have to make time for it or I get bummed out.

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This is a great art💙💙💙💙 I am inspired 🤗🤗

Congratulations, good work!