Messy art or molecular language. Strokes and shapes that express sensitive movement.

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I was going through the center of the city when suddenly I saw a dirty and untidy man who was drawing attentively. Almost absorbed in a sheet of paper, it seemed that the world that revolved around him did not matter. Suddenly she was watching him laugh, suddenly his gesture changed to that of a sad man.
I went to look and offer him a cigarette since I have a habit of doing it when I want to meet someone who seems interesting to me ...
He looked at me approaching without any surprise, I gave him the cigar and he took it, I lit it and asked him, '' how was the time? ''. He smiled and just showed me his drawing, without saying anything ... We both stared. I noticed that he was trying to say something, but it seemed that he could not formulate a word and in the little effort of trying he gave up. We were just there, looking at his work, a work that in my opinion was dirty, messy, but that left the impression of a born talent, of the ability to express in his strokes something more than just an emotion. He seemed seriously hypnotized and just with his finger he lashed out at me in a spiral series of wavy lines that created random shapes. And he put that same finger to his eye, as if to indicate that it was something he was looking at. I took out my phone and took two photos of the parts that I saw the most interesting. A dirty and sad man with a wall full of random shapes and in front of a window in which little men peered out of a room full of clocks. And another photo of a kind of pixie that expands some black spots with his hand. This man, sad and lonely, must have been a professional. Who knows what kind of worlds I wander through now.



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interesting drawings! 👍