One goal between two choices

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Hello all dear art friends, best wishes always wherever you are, good luck to all of you.


Tonight I try to share a simple pencil painting of a traditional fishing boat that challenges the waves and storms in the ocean. I drew it on a small A5 sketchbook, and two Castell faber pencils (2b and 8b). then with other tools such as tissue and eraser.

The process that I do is also simple, I just rely on the eraser to create light on the surface of the water. in full is below.

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.



Finish line after finish


Well, art friends, all of them are the result of the paintings that's I do, with all the flaws, yes, hopefully it can look more perfect. Finally, I say thank you for visiting and thank you also for supporting my simple post.

Regards, @ewiendos


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