"Beasts of Jangala" Comic Update #3

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Life in Jangala didn’t use to be so bad before...
Before everything happened...


◉ Panel from upcoming comic ◉


Untitled_Artwork 7.JPG

Untitled_Artwork 6.JPG


All work was done on Procreate for the iPad Pro.
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 6 months ago 

Normally I’d see this and think they’re just scarfing a bowl of noodles, but given the title I’m more wondering if it’s a tentacle monster 😆

It’s a nice looking panel 🙃

HAHAHA very good point haha "food" for thought for sure haha
thank you!

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woah!! thank you!!

Nicely done @eyedrip! Reaching the new level is always something special that deserves to be celebrated!- Next goal=Orca 😉
cheers to you!
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