"Beasts of Jangala" Comic Update #5

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Panel sketch from upcoming comic, "Beasts of Jangala"!

Untitled_Artwork 8.JPG

◉ Lil' VIDEO ◉


All work was done on Procreate for the iPad Pro.
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Manually curated by blacklux 💡Hurricane Rider 🌪 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Lots of nice detail there. The menu looks interesting.

Thanks! I put some serious thought in it haha. I still want to add a few more unusual items.

 6 months ago 

Oop someone's spoiling for a fight...or perhaps someone else is about to be told off for bad table manners? XD

oh yeaaaaah. It's definitely bad form to interrupt someone's ramen break haha

 6 months ago 


I can relate, coffee and noodle soup are things you absolutely do not under any circumstances disturb with me XD