Comic Update! Meet "Aka"!

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I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post. The comic has truly consumed my life -- not complaining, I'm loving it, but sheesh! Now that I finally have a tentative release date (month?), I wanted to share a little update/art...

Meet Aka! The hero/troublemaker of my new comic, “The Beasts of Jangala”. I’ve been working on this project for over a year and I can’t wait to finally share the wild world of Jangala with you guys. The comic is set to drop this September on a comics app (English & Spanish) with weekly episodic releases. I’ll be introducing more characters and showing more art as the release date approaches. Print version will be available in the near future (possibly early/mid 2021).


Hit the comments for questions about Aka and his story!

Aka_Rawr_Promo 2.JPG

Thanks for stopping by!


Hey! It's been a while, but I can imagine producing a comic is a lot of work. Hope it does well.

It has indeed! And thank you! There's the work, and the fact that you really can't (or won't) show much until you get to a stage where you're in it so deep, it's too late to back down haha

I was wondering where you disappeared...
Great to hear about the comic progress :)

haha working working working. Thank you! Yeah, I've been having a blast, but must get back to Hive-ing!

Nice to meet you aka. How much time do you spend to create a single character?

Haha! It varies. Aka's overall main design was produced rather quickly, but he's had changes since I first designed him almost two years ago, however, they've all been minor: like proportion adjustments, age adjustments, and such. I want to make a post with his evolution timeline to see his "growth". That being said, I've had a few characters for which I've made several drastic passes, drastic to such a degree, that they end up looking like entirely different characters when compared to each other. But that's all part of the exploration process :]