Hungry demon

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Hi there my friends of the OnChain Art community.
Today I bring to you a weird situation where a demon is hungry for souls. A full color scene made in a digital oil painting style.

Name: Hungry demon


This painting is tokenized in the NFT Showroom


This drawing was made digitally with a bosto tablet in the free open source program KRITA.

As usual, these are my steps for made this style of painting:

  1. The original drawing was made digitally in the software, with some sketch brushes, then applied a quick color in photoshop.
  2. Part of the process is about to apply the color layer by layer with some special brushes that imitate the oil paintings.
  3. I play with the photoshop layer styles, that offer different options to create the final piece.
  4. Apply some canvas texture over all the process.


I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

Animated GIFdownsized_large 1.gif

Other color options

Animated GIFdownsized_large.gif

Some weird effects

Animated GIFdownsized_large.gif

Good day and blessings to all


Dirección litecoin.jpg


Dirección doge.jpg


Dirección Bitcoin.jpg


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See you in a future post!