Digital Art: Waiting for an Answer

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Authored by @Francisftlp

Francisftlp-Waiting for answers-.jpg

Hello friends, I hope you are very well.💜💜💜

I have spent a lot of time thinking about working on something that identifies me, something that really connects me with my art, that inspires me to make art every day with a lot of love and above all that shows my true self.

That is why I created an Art series called "Uncertainty of a life", in which in each work of art I express mixed feelings that arise when an external situation manages to distort my life, and in turn fills my head with questions.

This piece is titled Waiting for an answer, sometimes there are questions that are impossible to answer, life has many ups and downs, in some cases very complicated situations are formed and sometimes sad, in those moments, it is where confusion is created in my mind, many doubts and they never end, and I just hope. Maybe someone will give me the answers I need, I can be at peace.

This Art is recently tokenized on rariblecom


Technical information:

I work with an Huion H320M tablet.
Photoshop CC 2019 program
Drawing Dimensions: 6648x4740 pixels

Some screenshots of the process:

Francisftlp Step 1.pngFrancisftlp step 2.png
Francisftlp step 3.pngFrancisftlp step 4.png
Francisftlp step 5.jpgFrancisftlp step 6.jpg

Finished of Digital Art:

Francisftlp-Waiting for answers-.jpg


If you want to see more of my art, you can access here

I say goodbye not without first thanking you for being here and supporting my work. I sincerely hope that you liked the drawing.

Until next time!




beautiful art ! :)
I love how some concept artist use that technique of drawing on black and white and an overlay color layer in front

Thank you very much, I am starting to create art with this technique, I am new to this and I can say that it is really incredible.💜💜💜

it looks great!

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I'm going to guess that the job that cost you the most to make is the dress. It is very impressive and the effect is very well done.

Oh yeah, doing all those details was difficult for me, but it was very interesting.
Thanks for commenting, greetings!

 last year  

this is very nice ! liked the details and breakdown :)

Thank you very much, you liked it, I love knowing that.💜💜💜

 last year  

<3 <3 :) , i love supporting cool arts ! : D keep up the cool works