Flower Unicorn Baby - Yet Another DTIYS I made

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my post!

#Hive friends, today I want to share with you another DTIYS that I made. This time I draw my version of cinnam0milk drawing. It is so cute! I love the final result. I've been drawing a lot lately and trying different styles I even created a new Instagram just for them, check it out!

Hope you enjoy the drawing!



Original Drawing by cinnam0milk:


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This is so cuteee!

She's so adorable! I thought the original version couldn't be cuter

 4 years ago  

Thank you! I love to draw cute things!

unfortunately your video is not accessible here in germany :( But the artwork looks cute :)

 4 years ago  

Hallo @tibfox! Hier ist das GIF, das ich versprochen habe. Ich habe es auch der Veröffentlichung hinzugefügt.

Ich kann wirklich kein Deutsch. Ich verwende Google Translate.

Rly coooool that you made this especially for me hihi :) great art, great details and style!

 4 years ago  

Thank you! I can tell @eddiespino to convert the video to GIF so you can see the process. :)

Hey no you dont need to :) I checked it again and I can watch it on youtube itself. Probably the embedding option is deactivated for your video :)

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 4 years ago  

Yeii! Thank you!!!

Wow you're one of the best artists I've seen around here.

I'm following you, thanks.

 4 years ago  

Ohhh Thank you! I believe that there are a lot of great artits here! I appreciate your comment!